ORICO 2.5 inch HDD hard disk case (transparent) for $4.35

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In times of SSDs I am certainly not the only one who suddenly has a 2.5 inch HDD left. It would be a pity to let them simply dust in the cupboard now – as a backup disk or similar 120GB are still worth gold. Matching to it there is really stylish ORICO 2.5 inch HDD hard disk case from China for little money.

ORICO 2.5 inch HDD hard disk case(transparent)

This hard disk case comes from ORICO, of which we also know for example the self-adhesive cable holder. The ORICO 2.5 inch HDD hard drive case is suitable for 2.5 inch HDD hard drives or SSDs and quickly turns an old hard drive into an external one. The design is transparent, so you get the original hard drive look and the drive doesn’t have to hide. Of course, only hard disks with a SATA port are compatible.

ORICO 2.5 inch HDD hard disk enclosure (transparent)

2.5 inch HDD aluminium hard drive case

2,5 inch hard disk enclosure

The built-in controller only supports USB 2.0, which allows a data rate of up to 4000 Mbit/s, but of course only if the corresponding device has such a connection.

2,5 inch hard disk enclosure details

Inserting the 2.5 inch hard disk is relatively simple. Just like you pulled the hard drive out of your laptop, you just plug it into the SATA port and close the case. Just plug it together, no screws or tools are required, and you have an external hard disk with microUSB input that communicates easily with all possible operating systems via plug&play. Formatted accordingly, you can even expand the memory of your game console with it.

2,5 inch hard disk enclosure scope of delivery
With USB cable, case and manual

The hard drive cases are available in various colours (and shapes) and they come with the appropriate cable, an imitation leather case and even a manual.

Drivers are not required unless you are still using Win95 or Windows 98. ?

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    # 21.07.18 um 18:51

    pol naidenov

    The actual price is 5.44$ thank you for the code 🙂

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      # 24.07.18 um 16:46

      Maike CG team

      @pol naidenov, works for me for $4.35 🙂

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