3-in-1 keychain charging cable from $16.40

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Be able to charge multiple devices on the go without having to pack every single cable for it? This 3-in-1 charging cable seems to be practical not only because of the available ports, but also because of its innovative design. Does this make it perfect for on the go?

Compact is the keyword

The holder, in which the individual cables are located, is available in red, black and white and is, typical for China, made of plastic. There is no real data about the overall dimensions, except that it is 10 cm long without unfolded cables and has a total length of 19 cm in the unfolded state. The ports installed in the case are Micro-USB and Lightning. Additionally, a USB Type-C port is stored in a small compartment. This can be attached to the micro-USB port for use. Thus, you should have a suitable port for almost every smartphone and many other devices.

For the key fob

As already mentioned, all three common ports are on board. However, one or the other will probably have noticed that “only” a maximum of two devices can be charged at the same time because the USB-C port is placed on top of the micro-USB port.

The ring on the top of the case should also be eye-catching. This is perfect for your own keychain, which means you always have the 3-in-1 charging cable set at hand. The small size also makes it handy enough to attach to a keychain. Alternatively, you can also hang the gadget on zippers of bags and backpacks, for example.


If you don’t want to spend more money on these compact designs and can live with a knotted cable, you can get basically the same features at a lower price with the “simple” 3-in-1 cable. In the end, the main task of these cables is to load the devices!

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