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It takes learning to pack your shopping properly. The heavy milk carton can crush the delicate fruit, the eggs fall out of the carton and the expensive avocado should be protected from all external influences. But don’t worry, you’re on the brink of salvation: the 4-in-1 shopping bag with divider function is designed to organize your shopping better.

4 in 1 Shopping Bag Shopping Cart Full

4-in-1 shopping bag in bright colours

The 4-in-1 shopping bag consists of four pockets that can be connected with Velcro fasteners. A magnetic fastener would have been a bit nicer, of course, but Velcro also serves its purpose. The four pockets are of different sizes, the orange is the largest and serves as a cover for the others. When not in use, the 4-in-1 shopping bag can be rolled up for easy transport.

4 in 1 shopping bag rolled up

To use it, simply unroll the shopping bag and hang it in the shopping trolley. The brackets are simply made a little longer so that they lie on the frame of the car. The sorting is logical: the largest bag for heavy items at the back, the smallest bag for light items at the front. Due to the color variation you should have set up your own organization relatively quickly. However, all four pockets are equipped with a semi-transparent mesh in the lower third.

The only problem, which becomes clear in some reviews, is that the blue bag, thus the smallest, does not fit, due to narrowing shopping carts. This gadget was designed for American shopping carts that are slightly larger. In the end you get more like three shopping bags usable in this form.

4 in 1 Shopping Bag Shopping Cart

The manufacturer specifies a kind of synthetic fibre as the material. That’s why it should be easy to clean. Each bag should be able to carry 15 kg. To illustrate the whole thing, there is a short video to explain it.

Meaningful or not?

Of course, you could also grab four bags yourself, which vary in colour and make your own 4-in-1 shopping bag. Yes – but the advantage is definitely that it fits on basically every shopping cart. We also find the separating function, including Velcro, practical, as you don’t always have to carry all your bags with you. In addition, it beats into the same notch as the reusable straw, after all, we should slowly but surely say goodbye to disposable plastic.

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  • Profile picture from lynda ohello
    # 18.01.19 um 08:13

    lynda ohello

    Why is it advertised at $12.99 but when I go to buy it takes me to updated price $18.43

    • Profile picture from Maike
      # 18.01.19 um 10:22

      Maike CG team

      @lynda ohello we always add the delivery costs for the USA only (which do change sometimes), so maybe if you live anywhere else it might be a higher delivery cost.

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