BT-Speaker, Powerbank and more: 5-in-1 water bottle for $20.55

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Travelling can be very nerve-wracking – especially if everything happens at the last minute. You pack your suitcase in no time and hurry to the airport. At the latest at the arrival and check-in at the hotel you notice that you forgot to pack some things due to lack of time. Whether it’s the Powerbank or the beloved Bluetooth-Speaker you wanted to use on the beach, it’s annoying. The 5-in-1 water bottle could solve this problem. Because: This gadget combines BT-Speaker, Powerbank and more.

5-in-1 water bottle

Is this the ideal companion on the road? The 5 in 1 water bottle measures 24 x 7.90 x 7.90 cm and weighs 500 g – its weight is almost in the middle of the field. The water bottle not only serves to store up to 570 ml of liquids (but no thermo function!), but also has some useful extras integrated: A BT speaker, a power bank, mobile phone holder and a remote shutter function.

5-in-1 Water Bottle Items

The 5 in 1 water bottle is available in two colours and is made of stainless steel on the inside. A lanyard and a USB charging cable are also included.

The technical details

The Bluetooth speaker is attached to the bottom of the water bottle and is removable so you can take it with you wherever you go. Unfortunately, the shop doesn’t say anything about the speaker’s performance – but it’s supposed to offer stereo sound. Via Bluetooth you can connect your mobile phone, your MP4 player or other Bluetooth-enabled devices to the speaker.

5-in-1 Water Bottle Speakers
The water bottle can also stand upright without a loudspeaker.

The shop provides more information about the Powerbank. So the Powerbank should be able to charge the mobile phone with a power of 5200 mAh. It is not much power, but for a complete loading it would be still sufficient. Since the water bottle unites so many functions, one can disregard the low power. After complete emptying, the “water bottle” can be charged via the included USB cable.

In addition, the water bottle offers a remote shutter function. This allows the camera of the connected mobile phone to be triggered at the touch of a button on the loudspeaker. There is also a great feature for everyone who likes to watch movies on the go: the water bottle has a 1 cm deep mobile phone holder with a dimension of 16.5 x 1.5 cm, so most smartphones should fit in. The feet on the opposite side ensure that the 5 in 1 water bottle doesn’t roll away while watching a movie.

In the promotional video of GearBest you can see the functions in action:


I consider the 5 in 1 water bottle to be a very practical tool. It doesn’t offer that much power, but it combines a lot of useful equipment. For longer journeys the power would not be sufficient, but for short trips it is enough. Definitely a cool China gadget for me!

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