6 magnetic balls to play and decorate for $4.66

Hey, guys! Just a heads up: The linked offer is already a bit older and the price of the gadget might have changed or it might not be available anymore.

Are these balls just toys, relaxation aids or desk decorations? Somehow something of everything. We ordered six magnetic balls twice; just because we were curious and wanted to try them out.

Magnetic Balls

The size of the magnetic balls

Magnetic gadgets are always well received, and this is not the first time we have seen such balls here. The small 3 mm neodymium magnets were very popular, of which you can directly buy 216 pieces. These balls here are bigger and measure about 18 mm in diameter, but are also magnetic. But don’t trust the product photos at GearBest, this gives a false impression and the balls look much bigger. You can see the real size in our photos. In the description GearBest also mentions the correct dimensions, here obviously the photos of correspondingly larger balls were simply recycled for the article.

Magnetic Balls Hands On Comparison
GearBest (left) obviously uses photos of other balls.

The anthracite-coloured balls have a shiny surface in which you can even be reflected. The surface is completely smooth and there are no edges or seams. Some balls have slight dents and are not perfectly round. If there are several balls in the hand, this is not noticeable. By the way, the balls in the photos seem a little darker than they actually are.

Magnetic Balls Size
The size of the balls varies between 17.6 and 18.1 mm.


There is no need to explain how the balls “work”. They are either suitable for playing around with them, and I keep catching myself with the bullets at my workplace. Here they are similar to the countless Fidget toys of last year. Different, simple figures can be formed, whereby a chain or ring of all six balls is the easiest. They also find their place on the desk as a simple but stylish decoration.

Magnetic Balls Decoration
The balls can also be used to hang your postcards on the fridge. They also remain vertical, as shown here.

The balls are so powerfully magnetic that they still attract each other through a 1 cm thick wooden plate, as shown in the picture below. The fact that one of the balls falls out of your hand is impossible, because the attraction here is really enormous.

Magnetic Balls Strength
The upper ball also holds the lower ball through the plate

I am quite satisfied with my purchase and have something new to play with at the workplace. Anyone who enjoys magnets will not do anything wrong for less than five dollar.

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