70Mai Air Compressor Lite – Electric air pump for bikes and cars

A very popular product last year is the Xiaomi electric air pump. Here a practical tool has been brought into a compact form. But of course this model is not the only one of its kind. The compressor from 70Mai (more precisely: 70Mai Air Compressor Lite) has an equally chic look and an even lower price.

The name 70Mai did ring a bell. How do I know them? A quick look and I discovered: Yes, this brand is also sold by Xiaomi, even though they really only appear here as dealers in the form of their Xiaomiyoupin online platform. But that explains the fancy product photos, which are always at the top of all articles on Xiaomiyoupin.

A very brief explanation of what such a compressor does: It’s simply an electric air pump. Instead of pumping with muscle power, you simply connect the device to the bicycle or car tires. Then it gets loud for a short time while the device works and fills the tire with air. Inflating a bicycle tire is faster than inflating a car tire – of course. The pump generates a pressure of up to 11bar or 160psi, which is sufficient for the approximately 2.5 bar in a car tire. According to the manufacturer, a “medium-sized tyre” can be fully inflated in under 5 minutes. When the preset pressure is reached, the compressor stops by itself.

The 70Mai compressor has a slightly different shape than the Xiaomi model and is approximately square (164 x 148 x 54 mm). At first glance, the shape is somewhat reminiscent of a TV box. There is a display as well as some buttons for operation. I like the concept on the back: it houses the charging cable, the hose and three different valves (car, bike, ball). So you have everything you need with you, but don’t run the risk of losing small parts.

Important difference to the Xiaomi compressor: there is no battery installed. The 3.2 m long cable has a plug for the car’s on-board voltage socket and must be supplied with power via it. This fact alone unfortunately makes the gadget mostly uninteresting for cyclists. For the car, it is of course practical, especially as one does not have to worry about an empty battery and the device is practically always ready for use.

70Mai Air Compressor Lite – Assessment

It’s a bit of a pity that the device has no battery, as this would have been a good alternative for cyclists. At first sight it looked like that to me. So it is only usable if you have a car with you.

But apart from that, the first impression is right. Practical if you can save yourself the trip to the gas station to fill up the tire pressure. Also on the way you have an emergency solution in case there is not enough air in the tire. The price of around $40 is also fair. But it should be pointed out that you can get comparable products for a similar price on Amazon. They may not look all that fancy, but they do the job just as well.

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