90Fun College Backpack with Laptop Compartment for $29.99

Hey, guys! Just a heads up: The linked offer is already a bit older and the price of the gadget might have changed or it might not be available anymore.

The 90Fun College Backpack is currently available for $29.99 from AliExpress. We are still big fans of the design and functionality.

We have discussed for a long time in the editorial office whether we should show you this backpack – so the camps are divided here. One speaks of “ultra-ugly”, the other (to which I belong) finds the backpack very attractive. That’s why we ordered the backpack. But haven’t we seen this design somewhere before?

90Fun Backpack red whole

The right backpack for university, work and day trips?

The backpack from U’REVO (90Fun), advertised and distributed by Xiaomi Youpin, comes in yellow, white, red, black and dark blue. We decided on the red backpack because of the availability, but the yellow one is the one that is best received by the rest of the editorial staff. But a certain resemblance to the Canadian manufacturer Herschel can hardly be denied, even though the 90Fun model uses textile straps with magnetic fasteners instead of leather.

U'Revo backpack bags comparison design Herschel
Left China, right Canada. Which is the nicer backpack?

In fact, we find the Youpin model visually more appealing here, but of course that’s a matter of taste. However, the Herschel model also costs twice as much. I like the many pockets, there are three at the front alone, but only one is equipped with a zipper. Personally, we would have liked to have a small pocket on the top, but we like the magnetic closure of the two flaps. On the sides there are still two pockets, but they only offer space for a 0.5 L PET bottle. if the backpack is not too full.

90Fun College backpack on the side
The side pockets only offer space for smaller bottles.

The side opening for the laptop compartment is really practical. It fits a 15.6 inch notebook or a tablet. But there’s not much more space there. This compartment is protected with a strap that “closes” it with a Velcro fastener… With a capacity of 13 litres, the backpack is also more of a laptop bag than a camping backpack.

 90Fun backpack laptop compartment

90 Fun College Backpack Laptop Side Compartment

Of course, the chosen colours also have a huge disadvantage: The backpack with the dimensions 44 x 28 x 12 cm also gets dirty quickly. On the underside the backpack is brown or blue and not yellow or white, but you will still be able to see dirt on it. So the College backpack is more suitable for nice weather trips and shorter trips than for April weather and camping trips to the festival area.

90Fun College Backpack Red Rear
The design also has the disadvantage that you can quickly see dirt on it.

Otherwise there are only two small compartments inside, which offer a depth of approx. 20 cm and a width of approx. 7 cm. This is predestined for the emergency power bench or the smartphone charger. Otherwise the backpack is not very spacious, but offers enough space for lunch in the box, the laptop plus some small things and maybe a thin rain jacket. A little tip: The opening of the rucksack can be slightly enlarged by loosening the two push buttons on the right and left.

Waterproof and tearproof

But if it should rain over your heads, the backpack is waterproof. This does not mean that it is impossible for water to get into the rucksack at the sides, but that the rucksack does not let water get through to the contents. The used material “Cordura” (registered trademark of the Swiss company “Invista”), a fabric made of polyamide (ergo nylon), should make the backpack more tear resistant than normal nylon. For this reason, the material is also used in the manufacture of motorcycle protective clothing or sports bags.

90Fun College Backpack Cordurak Waterproof

Buy the 90Fun College Backpack?

As already mentioned several times in the article: The college backpack of 90Fun is a question of taste and the sought-after field of application. You like the design of the backpack and you are looking for a light backpack for short trips or everyday life at university, at work or similar? Then the 90Fun could be just right for you. The maximum capacity of 13 litres makes it a transport backpack that is more suitable for university, work or shorter trips with provisions. That means for the photographer who prefers a light backpack (600 g weight without contents) or the commuter who wants to quickly prepare a presentation on his laptop in the train.

The 90Fun College backpack is chic and fulfils its functionality and is really well made. If you like the look, the price is well invested and the strong colours will certainly attract some attention. But those who prefer a bigger backpack can have a look at the laptop backpack of Xiaomi. If you’re looking for a smaller one, take a look at Xiaomi’s 10-l version (which I carry around with me most of the time). And if you want to carry your personal message on your back and attract attention with it, you can treat yourself to a backpack with LED panel.


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