90 FUN down jacket with heating elements for $125.11

The 90 FUN down jacket with two heating zones is something for those who also work outside in winter or want to warm the problem zones at low temperatures. After an attentive user pointed us to this jacket, we had to write about it.

90Fun heating jacket

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A winter jacket with that something special

According to the manufacturer, the jacket is lined with feathers. The inner and outer material of the jacket is polyester. The jacket is available in the sizes S to 2XL. In addition, it should be waterproof. Initially the jacket appears to be a normal jacket. But this jacket has two heating zones in the area of the neck and the back. To be able to operate these two heating zones you have to connect a powerbank. The connector is located in the outer left pocket of the jacket. Here the Powerbank should have a minimum of 5 V and a maximum of 9 V, so that the zones can be heated.

Xiaomi 90 FUN heating jacket Heating elements
The two heating elements are located on the back and in the neck.

In addition to practical use, a winter jacket should of course still look good. 90 FUN does this very well in my opinion, I personally like the jacket. The technique hidden inside is not visible from the outside. There is a separate pocket for the powerbank in which it should ideally not disturb when worn.


Temperature Temperature
low heating level 40°C up to 12 hours
high heating level 50°C up to 8 hours

The heating zones can be switched on by pressing a button on the lower left side of the jacket for 2 seconds. An LED in the button lights up red. At the beginning, the heating zones are always heated at the higher level. So you can see by the LED in the button, in which step you are.

  • Orange/ low temperature
  • Red/ higher temperature

Xiaomi down jacket powerbank

Now there is also a real jacket that has two heating zones. An idea for the cold season, of course. Manufacturer of this jacket is 90 FUN, actually known for suitcases and bags. The brand is also partnered with Xiaomi; among other things Xiaomi sells the 90 FUN products in China on its own website Xiaomiyoupin. Occasionally the brand is also referred to as “Xiaomi 90 FUN”, although Xiaomi is probably not directly involved in the production of this jacket.

The price of the jacket is not very cheap with more than $100, of course, but it’s still okay. In this price segment you get many weatherproof jackets, but as a rule none of them have such heating elements. But keep in mind that you have to buy at least one powerbank if you want to use the integrated heater. Unless you already have one at home and just use it.

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