90 FUN down jacket with heating elements for $117.51

Hey, guys! Just a heads up: The linked offer is already a bit older and the price of the gadget might have changed or it might not be available anymore.

The warm down jacket is available just in time for the cold season for at Banggood for $117.51 with the coupon BEJY14. You can find all the other Singles Day deals here.

The 90 FUN down jacket with two heating zones is something for those who also work outside in winter or want to warm the problem zones at low temperatures. The heating zones are located in the neck and back and are supplied with power via a power bank that is not included. As a frostbite of the editorial staff I was allowed to wear and test the jacket for the last 2 weeks and probably won’t give it away anymore.

Simple 90FUN jacket with hot technology

The jacket is, according to the manufacturer and label, lined with 90% grey goose down (40 g for size L). The rest of the jacket is completely made of polyester. The jacket doesn’t feel cheap or artificial at all. But it is quite smooth, because it should be “waterproof” as well. So far it has kept me dry even in heavy rain, but I think the IPX7 rating is nonsense.

Perhaps this only refers to the bag in which the Powerbank is stored. In general, rain rolls off well at the moment and the fabric absorbs water only very slowly or not at all. For gadgets that are particularly worthy of protection, there is an inner pocket at the top left in addition to the 5 outer pockets (4 normal + USB pocket).

The rest of the processing is also convincing: no loose seams, no cold or leaking areas and the zippers feel very solid and are from YKK, the world’s largest manufacturer of zippers. This may seem like an unimportant detail at first, but after a few months or years the quality of the zippers determines whether the pockets are necessarily open or closed.

The jacket is kept extremely simple. No color accents or patterns, only the zippers stand out from the rest of the jacket. Even the 90FUN logo can only be found on the inside. Personally I like this understatement very much, because from the outside nobody recognizes the technology, which is in the jacket.

If you want to use this technique, the jacket will be a bit more conspicuous, because the button at the bottom right starts to glow. And that brings us to the…

Operation and function of the heating pads

The down keeps the jacket warm at temperatures between 5-10 degrees even without the two heating pads. But if it was colder in the morning or evening, I wanted to switch on the heating. In 95% of the cases the lower setting was still enough for me. This brings the heating pads in the neck and back to 40°C in about 30 seconds. For the higher level of 50°C the jacket with my Anker PowerCore Lite 10000 Powerbank took another 20 seconds longer. There would probably be room in the bag for a 20,000 mAh Powerbank, but I didn’t want to carry around twice as much weight.

In order for the full effect of these heaters to unfold, the jacket must of course not be worn open. Closed, the heat is distributed from the back throughout the jacket. So after a few minutes it gets nice and warm under the jacket and you have your own little “sauna”. The best effect was when I waited standing still on the windy track for the train, because normally you would cool down a bit. The 50°C level was still too warm for me even then, but minus degrees will probably change that.

Xiaomi 90 FUN heating jacket Heating elements
The two heating elements are located on the back and in the neck.

Let’s get to the eye-catching part of the heated 90FUN jacket, the button. The heating zones can be switched on by pressing the button on the lower left side of the jacket for 2 seconds. An LED in the button lights up red. In the beginning, the heating zones are always heated at the higher level (50°C). By pressing the button briefly again, you change to the 40°C level and the LED flashes orange. Fortunately, this flashing takes place in a relatively slow, one-second rhythm, so there is no disco light on the jacket. The heating function is switched off again by pressing the button for a long time.

You don’t really see the blinking of the button, because the LED is not that bright. I think the permanent flashing is just a precaution here, so that the wearer doesn’t forget that the jacket is still on. For a second version, I would like a sensor that detects when the jacket is worn and switches off the light after a few seconds.

With a 10.000 mAh strong power bank one should be able to heat up to 12 hours to 40°C and up to 8 hours to 50°C. However, these times were recorded at 27°C outside temperature.

I managed in the test approx. 7-8 days, on which I used the jacket sometimes only 10 minutes, sometimes over one hour long on 40°C. Then simply recharge the Powerbank at work or at home overnight and use it again for a week. The endurance of course varies greatly depending on the heating level as well as frequency and duration of use. The only negative thing I noticed was the very wide collar. The opening here is simply too big, so that a part of the produced heat gets lost. This problem can easily be solved with a scarf and can be overcome with milder temperatures. However, a bit tighter collar and jacket would have been better.

The jacket is available in sizes S to 2XL. Banggood also gives five measurements on the product page, which you can measure yourself to find the right size. As a rule of thumb you should definitely order a size bigger than usual. I usually wear M and here L fits perfectly.

Despite the heating pads, the jacket is washable according to 90FUN at 30°C (gentle/easy to clean). First remove the power bank and put the cable into the bag and close it. I haven’t washed it yet, as it’s not really dirty yet and I still want to have the good impregnation from the factory. As soon as a wash cycle becomes necessary, I will report here.

Good jacket with gadget factor

The price of the 90FUN-jacket is not cheap with $140, but for a good winterjacket it is reasonable. However, I don’t (yet) know if the lining plus the heating function are enough for the real winter, I will see that in the coming months.

90FUN Down Jacket Label Logo

As a simple and chic autumn-winter transition jacket, however, she does a very convincing job and has already won me over with her gadget factor. But keep in mind that you have to buy the Powerbank if you don’t own one yet.

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