90Fun Multitasker backpack with laptop compartment for $29.99

Hey, guys! Just a heads up: The linked offer is already a bit older and the price of the gadget might have changed or it might not be available anymore.

The manufacturer 90Fun belongs to the Xiaomi ecosystem like FIMI or Mitu, but concentrates more on bags and cases. We could already test the 90Fun college backpack and were positively surprised, which is why the 90Fun multitasker caught our eye immediately.

Simple, chic & versatile

The backpack is relatively simple and only available in two unobtrusive colors: Black and grey. However, the 20L backpack looks very modern due to the zipper positioned high up. This makes it possible to access the contents of the rucksack only “from above”. When opened, the rucksack has a hexagonal shape. Inside there is a separate laptop compartment which offers space for a 15.6 inch notebook. In addition, there are two small inner compartments without zipper and a larger compartment with zipper.

But where does the model name Multitasker come from? There are pockets not only inside but also outside. The visible front side also contains a closable pocket, where you could easily hide a powerbank for example. There are open pockets on both the left and right for drinks or a small umbrella. The 90Fun Multitasker should also be practical for people who travel frequently by plane. There is a strap on the back, so he can easily put the backpack on the handle of the Xiaomi case and fasten it.

The 90Fun Multitasker backpack is made of 100% polyester and is protected against water. You won’t get more details here, but the backpack should survive rain without the gadgets inside getting wet. Xiaomi also uses YKK zippers like most other manufacturers.


We have always liked the Xiaomi backpacks, more precisely 90Fun backpacks, and the small 10L Xiaomi backpack is absolutely worth its money. The 90Fun Multitasker is sleek, chic and versatile and therefore suitable for various purposes. If you are interested, we would try to get a test copy. But based on the experiences with the 90Fun college backpack so far, we can probably say that the 90Fun Multitasker should be worth its money, too.

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