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Which more suitable speaker could there be for the current year of the dog in China? Right, none. Apart from that, the bulldog with the sunglasses is just a damn cool dog. The American is talking about the subwoofer here, by the way. We also had to order the Aerobull Bulldog Bluetooth Speaker ourselves and tell you here what you can expect from it.

Aerobull Bulldog Bluetooth Speaker

Battery2000 mAh / 5 hours
Frequency range60 Hz – 15 KHz
Power8 W
Dimensions~13 x 12 x 14 cm
Weight~400 g

Beastly design

That’s all it takes to get the party going. The design doesn’t even require music to create a mood. The speaker is available in three different colours (black, white, red). They are equipped with an SD card slot and a micro-USB and AUX connection. In addition to the Bluetooth connection, there are a total of three ways to play music.

Aerobull Bulldog Bluetooth Speaker front
The speaker fits in one hand.
We got the black speaker. Its surface is almost smooth and shines in a very matt black tone. The processing of the plastic is not completely satisfactory, especially on the upper side the gap dimensions between the front and rear component can be clearly seen. Apart from that, however, there is little to complain about. Two rubber feet on the underside ensure that the speaker does not slip even on smooth surfaces.
Aerobull Bulldog Bluetooth Speaker Buttons and gap dimensions
The touch keys on the upper side control the volume as well as the playlist.

The power button is located next to the connectors on the back, on the head of the Bulldog there are two touch buttons for operation. The built-in battery lasts – depending on the volume – up to five hours. Although the sunglasses also look like speakers, the sound only comes from the speaker at the back of the dog’s head.

Bluetooth Speaker Subwoofer red black white
If you meet those three on the street at night, you better change sides.

The conclusion to the design is of course highly subjective, but we just find the dog damn “cool” – and the use of the word was rarely as appropriate as we here.

Operation and sound of the Bulldog Speaker


Pairing with the smartphone via Bluetooth (4.1) works well the first time. Only one device can be connected to the speaker, and even after several tests we are not 100% sure how to connect a new device. Keeping the power button pressed for several seconds when switching on led to success at some point. The enclosed manual is not too helpful as it is only available in really bad English.

Aerobull Bulldog Bluetooth Speaker
Speaker and mobile phone connect via Bluetooth.

In Bluetooth mode the operation works perfectly, the inputs arrive at the speaker with a delay of only one second. But there is nothing to complain about here. The situation is different with music from the SD card. A tap on the two touch keys switches through the titles, a longer press controls the volume. However, there is no key to pause a track. The only thing that helps here is to switch off the speaker – unnecessary that this key is missing. Overall, however, one will probably mainly use Bluetooth anyway, so this will not be too bad for most people.

Aerobull Bulldog Bluetooth Speaker connectors and cables
A micro-USB and an AUX cable are included.

By the way, the volume of the noises that the speaker makes (when switching on, coupling, switching off) cannot be adjusted. In closed rooms they are really very loud. If you only listen to quiet music, you can get frightened if you switch off the speaker or want to connect another mobile phone. Outdoors and with correspondingly loud background noise, it is not quite as noticeable.


As far as the technical data of the loudspeaker is concerned, there were a few inconsistencies at first. Almost all shops give slightly different information regarding the performance, frequency range and size of the speaker. Even the instructions and the packaging of our model contradict each other here. There are at least two different versions anyway; it is possible that the models of GearBest, Zapals and Co. also differ slightly.

Experience has shown that you have to be careful with unusual speakers, because they like to save on sound quality in favour of design. The Aerobull is especially with the basses a little weak on the chest, and will not suffice demanding ears. When it comes to volume, the speaker doesn’t have to hide, but you can’t help but hear the noise. The overall sound is okay for the price, but you have to admit that.

Conclusion – Sound

The loudspeaker starts with a big bonus, of course, as we simply like the design extremely much. Nevertheless, of course it has to offer something for the ears, and for the price we have already heard worse speakers. The sound doesn’t knock us out and isn’t really suitable for parties, but it’s enough for the balcony, outdoor pool or park.

The only reason to get into this speaker is the appearance. If you like that and you can live with rather average sound, then you can access in any case times, because the Aerobull is not really expensive either. If you want the best sound at a similar price, you might be more interested in a speaker like the Tronsmart T6 or the Anker SoundCore 2.

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