Air swimmers as shark or clownfish for $9.95

Hey, guys! Just a heads up: The linked offer is already a bit older and the price of the gadget might have changed or it might not be available anymore.

Here is a real dream gadget, which originally caused two problems. Problem 1: the air swimmers cost about $50, problem 2: you need helium. At least problem 1 has been solved, because the Air-Swimmers are now available for under $10, cheaper than most mini drones. Only the helium still has to be taken care of.

air swimmers

As the name “Air swimmers” suggests, these two colleagues swim in the air thanks to their fin movements. In order to be able to fly at all, these must be filled with helium. Don’t worry: every normal fair balloon for children and the new zeppelins are filled with helium, as it doesn’t have such a high load-bearing capacity as hydrogen, but then also avoids the “Hindenburg effect” in the living room.

The people with squeaky voices in YouTube videos? Often helium! Nevertheless: you have to get the helium first. If you’re not a circus clown, you might find someone to give you something quickly for all kinds of parties, affairs. Also in the Internet there are probably various sources.

After assembly, the animal airships can be flown through your four walls with the enclosed IR remote control. Meanwhile there are also new models.

In fact, as in the real Hindenburg, a little mechanics will be built into your mini-zeppelin so that you can steer your air swimmers through the rooms with the enclosed remote control. The operating instructions are included, although it should not be too difficult.

The flight time is really impressive compared to the mini drones. Charging in 4 minutes is enough for 30 minutes flight time.

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