Airpod Silicone Strap in different colors from $0.99

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What jokes were made about Apple’s wireless headphones. To at least make sure you don’t lose them, there is an Airpod silicone strap for less than one dollar.

Airpod Silicone Strap

What a ruckus that was when Apple decided to leave out the phone jack on iPhone 7. Meanwhile, some manufacturers have followed the same path, including Xiaomi with the Mi 6 or MIX 2, and the absence of a jack plug also cleared the way for the wireless airpods, which you now often come across. You’ve heard everything about the headphones: “Looks funny”, “much too expensive”, and “you lose them mega fast”. You can argue about the first two points, but the third point can be dealt with small tools like this one.

This is a silicone band that is attached to the two Earpods. The diameter of the two loops corresponds to that of the two ear studs. The cheap copies from China are slightly larger in size. It is not clear whether the loops are elastic enough to be adapted to it.

Of course, you could argue, then you can also get ordinary Bluetooth headphones with cable. Which is somehow true, and there are also some very good alternatives. But those who are attached to their airpods may be happy about this option, and those who have had to buy it again are certainly grateful for this gift. Who is particularly fancy on the way can order the band also in different colors.

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    # 01.05.18 um 14:18


    Apple removes wires and creates earpods. China responds with silicone to fill the gap.

  • Profile picture from Abhishek Roy
    # 28.10.18 um 05:53

    Abhishek Roy

    I want this gadget

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