Amazfit Smart Scale with 16 readings & 18 sports tried out for $45 from Amazon

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“Holistic health data at your feet”. This is how the manufacturer Amazfit, which is primarily known for smartwatches, advertises its Smart Scale. Smart scales are a dime a dozen, but the Amazfit version wants to score with a modern design, 16 readings and 18 sports. We tried it out.

Amazfit Smart Scale Smart Scale

Technical data: Comparison to Xiaomi Mi Scale 2 & eufy P1

Amazfit Smart Scale

Amazfit Smart Scale smarte Waage Produktbild

Xiaomi Mi Scale 2

Xiaomi Mi Weight Scale 2 Personenwaage

Anker eufy Smart Scale P1

Anker eufy Smart Scale P1 Personenwaage

Price without offer ca.60€22€35€
Measured values161314
AppZepp (AndroidiOS)Mi Fit (AndroidiOS)EufyLife (AndroidiOS)
Dimensions31.6 x 6.0 cm30.0 x 12.5 x 2.5 cm28.0 x 2.4 cm
Weight2,2 kg2,0 kg1,5 kg
Special featuresHeart rate measurement while standing

Packaging and scope of delivery

The packaging definitely lives up to the fancy design of the scale itself, and the scale is also packed to be travel-safe. What is at least unusual, however, is the carrying handle at the top of the packaging. Apparently, Amazfit wants you to take the scale with you to sports and measure results directly? Hmm, will this catch on? Will we soon see smart scales next to the weight benches in the gym? Probably not.

Apart from the scales, the scope of delivery only includes an instruction manual.

The four AAA batteries needed to operate the scale are not included, which is a bit annoying if you don’t have them in your drawer.

Design and workmanship

Regardless of whether it’s smart or not, the product genre as such doesn’t necessarily offer many design options. For me, Amazfit is the first brand that manages to compete visually with my eufy P1. Of course, tastes are different, but the scale makes quite an impression in the bathroom.

The lines on the scale’s glass surface not only serve visual effects, but also show the user where to position his feet. As standard, there is a display at the top that provides information about the weight and other parameters. On the Smart Scale, this is 3.4 inches, while on my eufy P1 it is only 1.1 inches. The display is nothing special or very high-resolution, but it is capable of displaying various pixel graphics.

A highlight including the Amazfit logo can be found under the display.

The CE mark, which is obligatory for sales in this country, is also part of the package – found on the back of the scale. On the back is a sliding device under which the four AAA batteries can be inserted. A low battery level is indicated in the corresponding app.

Measured values of the Amazfit Smart Scale

I can tell you one thing in advance before we take a closer look at the app: If you use a smartwatch from the brand in addition to the Amazfit Smart Scale, you will get a really broad overview of your body condition. The following 16 measured values are available:

  • Body weight (logical)
  • Body fat percentage
  • Muscle mass
  • Body water percentage: averages 65% for adults.
  • Bone mass
  • Protein percentage
  • Basal metabolic rate
  • Visceral fat: Fat that coats the internal organs.
  • Subcutaneous fat: Subcutaneous fat directly under the skin.
  • Skeletal muscle
  • Change in muscle mass
  • Body age: Physical/biological age
  • Body score
  • BMI (Body Mass Index): Provides information on whether one is normal, underweight or overweight.
  • Ideal body weight
  • Body type

I compared the specified measured values with those of my eufy P1, which measures two values less on paper. Here it is noticeable that the specified measured values “body score”, “basal metabolic rate”, “body type”, “physical age” and “ideal body weight” are, strictly speaking, not measured values at all. After all, these results are added together from other measured values and do not represent a measured value in their own right. So you could also talk about less than 16 measured values here, but the other manufacturers also cheat there.

In fact, the individual results of smart scales should not be taken too seriously and should only be taken as guide values. As of February 2021, no scales in the consumer sector are yet able to display all these values completely, precisely and within seconds. So always view everything with a certain distance. However, once you have integrated the smart scale into the corresponding app, you first have the feeling that there are far more measurements and functions than Amazfit indicates.

The “Zepp” app

As you might have noticed, there was news that Amazfit would change its name to Zepp. Until today, only Amazfit knows why the app is now called Zepp (Android, iOS) and so are some smartwatches. Why didn’t they stick with “Amazfit”? Be that as it may, the smart scale is integrated into the “Zepp” app. Download the app, register with a disposable e-mail address, turn on the Bluetooth on your smartphone and you’re ready to go. At the beginning, you enter a few data about your weight, age and more so that the estimates of the measured values can be reasonably related and evaluated.

Huami Amazfit Smart Scale App Registration
Register briefly, enter some data, and you’re ready to go.
Huami Amazfit Smart Scale App Integration
If the scale is used by more than one person, it can be distinguished by avatars on the display.

Those who are initially overwhelmed by the size of the app with the tens of values after the app integration must know that Amazfit targets smartwatch customers with the scale. Smartwatch customers of the Amazfit brand, of course. The combination of a smartwatch like the Amazfit GTR 2 and the smart scale allows users to put together a comprehensive data package about their own state of health. If you do a lot of sports, want to lose weight or optimize your sleep, you can make your progress measurable. A sophisticated tracking combination that only really gains momentum with this combination.

Huami Amazfit Smart Scale App with Smartwatch
The Zepp app assumes that you also use a smartwatch in parallel.

With a smartwatch, appropriately targeted values can then also be combined with sport modes. The following sports are available: Walking, jogging, cycling, swimming, mountain climbing, aerobics, table tennis, tennis, soccer, fencing, gateball, badminton, squash, taekwondo, bounce ball, basketball, rope skipping, golf.

Had you heard of gateball or bounce ball before? I guess I need to do sports more often.

Setting and display options

Without a smartwatch, however, you are left with enough measurements to view over time. This can serve as motivation to lose or gain weight, for example. It is also possible to set which measured value the display should show.

Huami Amazfit Smart Scale App Display Settings
What should be shown on the display?

What the display is not able to show, is shown in the app.

Huami Amazfit Smart Scale App Display Measurements
I was particularly taken with the heart rate measurement (screenshot in the center).

Although the readings are not all to be taken completely seriously, the weight is determined very accurately. Do not ask me why I have so many smart and ordinary scales at home, but of course everything was taken out of the basement for comparison. Except for one or two deviations behind the decimal point, the scales all show the same weight.

Xiaomi Mi Scale Personal Scale Comparison
On the left the eufy P1, in the middle the Mi Scale, on the right a “non-smart” scale for comparison.

A smart scale with WLAN integration naturally also receives firmware updates. These can be bug fixes or new settings and functions. Keeping the scale up to date with the latest firmware can therefore be worthwhile.

The results of all measurements are clearly displayed in the app’s interface. Body composition and sleep quality are rated with points, and an ideal weight is also displayed. Again, please note that the displayed data should not be taken too seriously and should only be taken as approximate guidelines. Every person is different, needs different amounts of sleep and no scale can tell you exactly what is right for a person.

Huami Amazfit Smart Scale App Functions Measurements

Assessment: Buy Amazfit Smart Scale?

How can you check the measured values without having a high-tech lab at your disposal? We compared the Amazfit Smart Scale with two smart scales and one “dog-normal” scale. The results are all very similar, which means that we can assume that the measured values are at least valid as approximate guidelines.

Functionally, we have not yet had a smart scale here that could come up with so many functions and measured values. However, the scale only reveals its true magic when it is used in combination with an Amazfit smartwatch. Then the owner of both devices has a real bastion of measurements, data and histories at their disposal. Without the smartwatch, it remains a modern, visually extremely appealing scale with the most important measurements. Not enough reasons for me to switch from my eufy P1, but those who do not yet own a smart scale and want to spend a little more money on a chic design will be well served by the Amazfit Smart Scale.

Finally, a small compilation of the “most beautiful” reflections of me, created by violent reflection of the scale surface:

Amazfit Smart Scale Tim Faces Compilation

Above, a slightly dopey looking Tim. In the middle: Zombie Tim. Below: Censored Tim.
How do you like the look of the Amazfit scale?

What do you think of the look of the Amazfit scale?

Design and workmanship top
App packed with settings and functions
CE mark

Some measured values questionable (as with all smart scales)
App a bit confusing

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