Animal earrings just to bite for $3.89

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You are looking for fancy earrings? Then you must now be very strong, because the little animals hold on the ear by biting on you. Do the animal earrings deliver what they promise?

Animal earrings types of animals

The animal earrings are available in the form of various animals and are made of plastic. It does not matter whether dinosaur, hippo, dog or shark, all have one thing in common, and that is: Hunger! So that they can satisfy this, you have to put the animal earrings simply in your ear. They look as if they would bite your ear with relish and truly enjoy it. The animal earrings come in packs of 2, each with the same animals twice. They weigh between 14 and 26g depending on the animal and measure 25 x 15 mm.

Earlier as a child I often took two magnets and clamped them to my ear, with the little biters looks much better and funnier. In addition, I can also imagine that the animal earrings can be worn on Halloween or carnival as a suitable accessory to the disguise.

Animal earrings dog


As a small gift, for example, for Secret Santa or for dressing up, the earrings are certainly suitable. For those who also like to read and would have a matching bookmark to his earrings, there are the bookmarks in the form of small animals. With a price of about 3€, the animal earrings are cheap, but you should keep in mind that the shipping of such items usually comes from China and thus takes longer time.

In the end, however, you also have to say that the animals, as cute and funny as they may look, are not much more than a joke item. The earrings don’t really look well made. Nevertheless, I think that the fun is not diminished by this and they certainly provide a few laughs.

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