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We know the “eufy” brand as the smart household subsidiary of the Chinese tech manufacturer Anker. At the same time as the company’s first cordless vacuum cleaner – the HomeVac S11 – eufy is also launching a small hand-held vacuum cleaner under the umbrella name HomeVac. We have tested whether the HomeVac H11 is a useful addition to the four walls.

eufy HomeVac H11 at Amazon for $49.99

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Technical data: Comparison to Cleanfly (Coclean)

eufy HomeVac H11



Suction power5500 pa5000 pa
Operating Volume71 dB (loud)75 dB (loud)
Batteryn. a.2200 mAh
Working time13 minutes13 minutes
Charging time3 h1,5 h
Dust chamber0.1 l0.1 l
Dimensions33.5 x 7.4 x 7.4 cm29.8 x 7.0 cm
Weight560 g560 g
CE markyesyes

Scope of delivery of the eufy HomeVac H11

In the scope of delivery is next to the small battery vacuum cleaner:

  • USB to micro USB charging cable (to charge the battery)
  • Combination brush attachment
  • Operating instructions in different languages languages
What more do you need?

Design and processing

In terms of design and workmanship there is nothing to complain about, even if I personally find the Cleanfly a bit more appealing. At this point let us talk about a few pictures:

With the cover.
The front.
The bottom side.
A ribbed handle.

The vacuum cleaner is neither too big nor too small, measuring 33.5 x 7.4 x 7.4 cm. The handling is also not difficult due to the low weight of 560 g. Important for many: All individual parts in the scope of delivery are equipped with a CE mark, which means that nothing stands in the way of sales in this country. The micro-USB port is located on the underside of the vacuum cleaner. The obligatory HEPA filter is integrated and can be washed out under the tap.

The eufy HomeVac H11 in use

After a charging time of 3 h, the hand vacuum cleaner is ready for a working time of 13 minutes. The somewhat long loading time is annoying in relation to the working time, so you should set up a fixed loading position for the hand vacuum cleaner in the four walls, as you would like to use it quickly and at short notice. As also the Cleanfly, the HomeVac H11 has only one control element with which one starts and stops the vacuuming process. During the vacuuming, three LED lights up close to this button that inform about the battery and charging status.

Uh, only one LED lights up. This one has to be connected to the power!

Just press the button once and it starts. With me already for the first time when unpacking – unintentionally. For such a small hand vacuum cleaner the suction power of 5500 pa is not from bad parents. Sure, a complete cordless vacuum cleaner like the Dreame V10 brings four times as much to the scoreboard, but it is also four times as expensive and is more likely to be used as a second hand vacuum cleaner.

Anker eufy HomeVac H11 Hand-held vacuum cleaner brush
Quickly vacuuming up a few crumbs here and there? No problem!

A questionable air outlet

As with the test of the Cleanfly, the dust chamber with a maximum filling capacity of 0.1 l is naturally remarkably small and fills up very quickly. But one also does not want to carry a huge and heavy vacuum cleaner block around with one, accordingly, one has to accept this shortcoming of this kind of devices. But what is very annoying during the use and does not have to be accepted is the air outlet at the bottom.

This conception is explained to me.

Unfortunately, this air outlet is placed at the bottom side in a way that the materials to be absorbed are blown away from time to time. So many particles are spread around the vacuum cleaner instead of simply being sucked in. A doubtful construction. Something was thought on short notice with eufy.

With the combi attachment you have the right attachment for every application.

The high operating volume of 71 dB is probably unavoidable for a small device with such suction power. My opinion on this: You are used to vacuum cleaners being loud, so you have to be able to tolerate that even with hand-held vacuum cleaners. For comparison: we humans talk at an average volume of 60 dB.

The dust chamber including the filter.

Conclusion: buy eufy HomeVac H11?

“Move with Freedom, clean with Style”. This is not only stated on the packaging, but also applies in practice. The eufy HomeVac H11 is not cheap, but offers almost everything it promises. If it weren’t for the oddly placed air outlet on the underside, as a tester one wouldn’t have much to complain about. Sure, the vacuum cleaner is not exactly quiet, but it is well made, chic and equipped with enough suction power for a vacuum cleaner of this size.

It could even be a good gift, the packaging is not a problem.

So what to do? If I am looking for a modern hand vacuum cleaner for my car, I reach for the Cleanfly. If I’m looking for a practical solution for in-between times (without the demand for perfection), I reach for the eufy here. However, you should consider beforehand whether more than $40 for a hand vacuum cleaner is really worth it. After all, there are also cheaper models (even if not so fancy).

  • very high quality workmanship
  • state-of-the-art design
  • very practical for the car and in between


  • Air outlet not cleverly placed
  • Price somewhat high
  • Operating volume quite high

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