Anker PowerWave Qi Charging Pad at Amazon for $12.49

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Charging your smartphone with a normal cable has become somewhat obsolete. If you prefer wireless charging, you can now get the PowerWave pad from Anker.

The functionality

Qi charging stations are nothing new anymore and many smartphones like the Xiaomi Mi 10 already support this standard. Nevertheless, check your model again to see if this is the case, otherwise even the best wireless charging station will be useless. With the charging pad, you simply place your smartphone crosswise on it, and you can use the charging status vertically and horizontally.

Besides the two chargers, two 90 cm long micro-USB cables are included. Unfortunately, power adapters are not included. You will have to order them separately. The power of the wireless charging stations also depends on the power supply (for example this one from Anker). The 10W output power requires a good 15W input power from the charger. With a 10W charger, you can only charge your phone wirelessly with a good 5W. Be careful, though, because wireless charging is currently only possible up to a maximum of 7.5 watts for iPhones, among others.

A casing of up to 5 millimeters is no problem for the charging pad, so you do not have to remove it individually for every charging process. Both devices are also equipped with overcharge protection, so they will not simply burn out. The charging stand is of course handy to continue watching videos, but the charging pad is currently more common. What is your favorite here?

Assessment & alternatives

The charger is fast enough with 10 watts and the combination of the two stations is fully equipped. Anker’s good customer service and 18-month warranty are also worth mentioning, so you don’t have to worry about defective deliveries. If you are looking for a charging pad from another manufacturer, you will find it in the Tronsmart model, for example, which enables up to 10 watts of Quick Charge.

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