Anker Soundcore Flare Mini: Compact BT speaker with LED ring

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The Soundcore Flare series has reached its peak so far with the Flare 2, which can even be paired with up to 9 additional speakers. The Anker Soundcore Flare Mini, on the other hand, sticks to the basics, but can still create a great atmosphere in the house!

Anker Soundcore Flare Mini

  • Anker Soundcore Flare Mini

Compact party package

Externally, the Flare Mini looks exactly like its big brother, just a bit smaller. The speaker is just 15.6 cm high and weighs 481 g, while the big brother comes to 25 cm. The design of the first Soundcore Flare remains basically the same, the “cylinder” is based on an LED ring. This consists of 8 LEDs and offers five different light modes, so you get a little light show to your favorite playlist. Finally, the LEDs below pulse to the music.

Soundcore Flare Mini Waterproof

The Soundcore Flare Mini is again mostly made of a textile fabric and it comes with an IPX7 rating. This means that the speaker can easily get wet, as it is even protected against temporary submersion. In the summer, you can take it to the pool or lake with confidence. The fact that it is round also has a reason, because it delivers a 360° sound that comes from two 5 W speakers. We know this similarly from the popular Earfun UBoom, but it offers even more power.

Soundcore Flare Mini 360 degree sound

Similar to the UBoom, the Flare Mini also offers stereo sound, so you can pair two devices together. This increases the listening pleasure immensely and is especially practical at parties, since the sound becomes much more spatial. This is also where the BassUp technology comes into play, which is supposed to get a bit more out of the low frequencies. Soundcore relies on Bluetooth 4.2 for pairing with the end device. The battery is supposed to last a whole 12 hours, which of course depends on volume and usage.

Soundcore Flare Mini Waterproof


The Soundcore Flare Mini is not the newest Bluetooth speaker, but in the offer for under 30€ you get here a small party total package. 360° sound, LEDs and 12h playback. Especially the stereo functionality is practical, so you can also buy a second Soundcore Flare Mini at some point. If you can do without the LED show, you should also take a look at the Tribit XSound Go or Earfun Go, keeping in the same price range.

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