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Apocalypse sets are various buildings of a post-apocalyptic, ruined big city. Among other things, there is a run-down diner and an abandoned and barricaded bank and a movie theater. All sets consist of over 2,000 pieces and of course look great together.

Apocalypse building block sets

What happened in this city? Was it the climate change? The nuclear war? Or yet the zombie apocalypse? Of course, there are no limits to your imagination if you want to integrate these buildings into your building block world.

Apocalypse building block sets size

The buildings are all modular, so all floors are built individually and then plugged together with only a few connections. At the same time, they are large enough to be able to place the usual, matching figures in them. On the one hand, this invites to play and is thus possibly also interesting for younger people. On the other hand, of course, they are also beautiful exhibits.

Apocalypse building block sets floors

There is an incredible amount of detail, from the shuttered windows to the sprawling plants to the smallest decorative elements on counters and tables inside. Given the number of parts, though, that’s not surprising. There are between 2193 and 2453 parts depending on the set, so you’ll be busy with the construction for a while on your own.

This should be considered if you want to give it to small children, for whom the assembly may already be too complex. Because of the many details, however, I can imagine that adults have even more fun building here.

Apocalypse building block sets interior

As so often, these sets are not shipped in the original box. The printed instructions are of course still included. I really like the design anyway, feel free to comment what you think.

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