AreoX U8 Smart Lock with fingerprint sensor for bicycles for $75.99

Besides bombing the smartphone market, Xiaomi’s primary goal is to make every part of your home smart. The range already includes a smart door lock, and now the smart bicycle lock. The company cooperates with AreoX and presents the AreoX U8 Smart Lock, which is equipped with a fingerprint sensor.

AreoX U8 Smart Lock

An ordinary U-lock?

The smart bicycle lock is a shackle lock that works basically like a padlock. We don’t think there’s any need to explain how it works here. The shackle is opened for locking, placed around the spokes or frame of the bicycle and then the shackle is locked. There are probably two different versions: one with a height of 22.48 cm and one with a height of 30 cm. The actual lock on both versions measures 3.2 cm in width and 13 cm in length.

AreoX U8 Lock Two ways lock

The handle is of course made of stainless steel to make it more difficult for potential bicycle thieves to break the lock. The manufacturer AreoX also uses a two-way locking system. In other words: both contacts to the lock core can be opened. The locking cylinder is a class B locking cylinder, which is classified as “safe” by VDS. In addition, the AreoX U8 Smart Lock is equipped with an IP65 rating, making it dustproof and protected against water jets.

Bicycle lock with fingerprint sensor

Apropos water: As mentioned earlier, the AreoX U8 is equipped with a fingerprint sensor. The biometric fingerprint sensor is also relatively fast and should unlock the lock within 0.5 seconds. Smartphones often speak with a 0.1 second sensor, in practice one should hardly notice any difference. Does this also work in wet conditions? According to advertising yes, we hope that is true. That would at least be an advantage over many smartphone finger pressure sensors. We already know a similar concept from Bluetooth padlocks.

AreoX U8 Smart Lock Fingerprint Sensor

You already suspect it: a fingerprint sensor also needs electricity. We haven’t yet found out how big the battery is in the lock. However, it should be sufficient to be able to use the lock for one year without charging the battery. If the battery level drops below 15%, you get a warning. To charge it, you can use the USB type C slot, which is located above the sensor. And if for some reason it doesn’t work or the battery is empty, an emergency key is included.

AreoX Lock USB Type-C


Of course the AreoX U8 Smart Lock is not a necessary gadget. Nevertheless a certain advantage can be seen: Not worrying about the key or losing it is practical. After all, you always have your finger with you. Especially when you ride your bike to sports, throw a few baskets or go for a walk, you don’t necessarily want to have a key in your pocket. In China, the price is around $29 for the small version and $33 for the large version.

We expect a price of $40 to $45 in the import shops. Since the lock was only introduced today, it is not yet in the online shops. The links will be added of course.

Would such a smart bicycle lock be of interest to you? Or is this one of the areas of life that you don’t have to make “smart”?

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  • 10.04.19 um 12:17

    The Ferreira

    Any links to buy this lock online from alibaba or similar sites?? plz updates when they become available as i defo need one.

    • 10.04.19 um 13:34

      Maike Editorial staff

      @The Ferreira we actually just updated the article with an offer from Banggood 🙂

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