Aukey Key Series EP-T10 wireless In-Ear Headphones for $25

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In addition to the two classic Bluetooth in-ears EP-B80 and EP-B60, the Aukey Key Series EP-T10 is now also available as a completely wireless in-ear from Aukey’s premium range. Can it be as convincing as the other products in the Key Series?


  • Aukey Key Series EP-10 wireless In-Ear

Technical Data

NameAukey Key Series EP-T10
Driver6 mm dynamic driver
Frequency range20 – 20.000 Hz
Impedance16 Ω
ConnectivityBluetooth 5
Battery capacity55 mAh per earpiece; 400 mAh charging box
Weight63 g
Dimensions21 x 17,5 x 16 mm
IP protection classIPX5
Sensitivity88 dB
Bluetooth profilesA2DP, AVRCP, HFP, HSP, SBC, AAC

Packaging and scope of delivery

The box of the Aukey Key Series EP-T10, like the other audio products in this series, is a plain gray. On the front, the headphones are pictured in the charging cradle and the Key Series logo with lettering can be seen on the top left.

Aukey-Key-Series-EP-T10-wireless-In-Ear-scope of delivery

When you open the packaging, you are first presented with the headphones and the charging cradle. Below that are the other accessories, such as the user manual, warranty card, a total of three pairs of ear cushions and a USB-C charging cable.

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Design and worksmanship

The Aukey Key Series EP-T10 itself is perfectly color-matched to its box. Both the charging cradle and the earpieces themselves are the same shade of dark gray, which I like. It’s something other than always black, but still a covered color choice.


The round charging tray is 69 mm in diameter and twists open to access the earpieces. When the shell is open, there are four LEDs on the front that indicate the charging status of the box, and on the opposite side is the USB-C charging port.

The Key Series logo is small and discreetly embedded in a gold tone on the top center. In my opinion, the charging cradle looks quite chic and high-quality, even though it is made of plastic.

The earpieces are also the same color as the box and the charger. The Key Series logo is also in the center of the back, in the same gold tone and size as on the charger. In addition, there is a trim that frames the logo. There is also a small status LED inside the frame.


With a size of 21 x 17.5 x 16 mm and a weight of about 6.2 g per earpiece, the Aukey Key Series EP-T10 are still average and neither particularly heavy nor unusually large.

Overall, the wireless in-ear makes a very good impression on me. It has an absolutely high-quality build, is simple, but classy. A difference between the “premium line” Key Series and “normal” Aukey products is also noticeable here.

Even compared to the inexpensive wireless in-ears, such as the Lenovo 1S, the Redmi Airdots or the TaoTronics Soundliberty 53, there is definitely a quality difference in the workmanship and the materials used. However, whether that justifies the rather large price difference is another question.

Sound of the Aukey Key Series EP-T10

Inside the headphones, a 6 mm Ø dynamic driver is installed in each case. Thereby, I like the sound tuning of the headphones quite a bit.

For a dynamic driver, the Aukey EP-T10 can score with a precise high frequency up to the frequency peaks. However, the high-frequency response is not better than that of the TaoTronics Soundliberty 53 or the Anker Soundcore Liberty Air.

In the midrange, the premium wireless in-ear is more muffled than the Soundcore Liberty Air, which almost has a unique selling point with its striking midrange. The Aukey Key Series EO-T10 delivers more of a classic sound pattern here, where the midrange harmonizes nicely with the treble.

In the low-frequency range, the Aukey Key Series EP-T10 delivers crisp bass that creates a nice pressure in the ear when desired. The wireless in-ear even manages to reproduce deep sub-bass frequencies powerfully, very good! Only the Anker Soundcore Liberty Air or the Xiaomi Piston Pro 2 offer a similarly good performance.

Overall, you can hear the Aukey Key Series EP-T10’s qualities especially in the frequency peaks and in the deep sub-bass frequencies. However, it also has to be said that a Redmi Airdot, Lenovo 1S or a TaoTronics Soundliberty 53 is not that different in the overall sound picture.


It’s the subtleties that make the difference. Whether that’s worth the huge surcharge is something everyone has to decide for themselves.


The MEMS headset microphones do a good job in the test. During the test calls, where I made calls with the headphones as well as I was called with the EP-T10, voices could usually be understood well.

The wireless in-ear usually filters background noise reliably. Especially constant and monotonous background noise, like the roaring of the highway or the whirring of an air conditioner, was not audible for the person called.

It is not quite as reliable with more distinctive noises, but even here I could usually still understand my call partner. Thus, the Aukey Key Series EP-T10 headset is also suitable for longer calls in moderately loud environments.

Comfortable to wear & good shielding

For me, the Aukey Key Series EP-T10 is definitely one of the headphones with the best wearing comfort that you can currently buy. Thanks to the small but effective ear hooks and a shape that fits my ears, the wireless in-ears sit bombproof in my ears.

I also noticed that the Aukey Key Series EP-T10 shields better than average. Thus, you hear significantly less background noise at low volume with these Bluetooth headphones than is the case with the Anker Soundcore Liberty Air, for example.

Operation with touch panels

On the front of the Aukey Key Series EP-T10, there is a touch panel at the height of the logo. With these, the most common commands can be passed on to the smartphone.

Touch button:1x touch2x touch3x touchHold touch
Right earpiecePlay/Pause; accept/end callsnext trackStart voice assistantIncrease volume
Left earpiecePlay/Pause; accept/end callsprevious trackStart voice assistantDecrease volume

In the test, we were able to execute the commands on both Android and iOS without any problems – very good!

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Bluetooth pairing and range

Pairing between the wireless headphones and the cell phone is as easy as usual. To do this, simply take the earpieces out of the charging cradle, whereupon they automatically connect with each other and subsequently become visible as one device in the Bluetooth devices.

Unfortunately, only the right earpiece can be used individually. The left earpiece only works together with the right one and cannot be paired separately with the smartphone, which is a shame!

In the test, the Bluetooth connection is stable at a distance of about 18 meters, also thanks to the current Bluetooth 5 standard. As always, it is a bit less indoors, but the connection is still above average. Thus, the Aukey Key Series EP-T10 joins the 1More Stylish and the Meizu POP 2 in the wireless in-ears with the currently largest ranges.

In the area of video streaming with YoutTube and Netflix, I could not determine any delays between sound and picture, despite the lack of aptX certification. This makes watching videos with the Aukey Key Series EP-T10 a joy!

Above average battery life

The earpieces of the Aukey Key Series EP-T10 are each equipped with a 55 mAh strong battery. At a volume of 50%-70%, we were able to achieve a runtime of 6-6.5 hours, a very decent value.


The recharging process takes about 1.5 hours in the charging box, which is equipped with a 400 mAh battery. Thereby, the charging box is sufficient for a bit less than three full charges of the earpiece.


The charging case itself can of course be charged with the included USB-C cable, but wireless charging of the charging box is also possible, like with the Meizu POP or Huawei/Honor Flypods!


I really liked the Aukey Key Series EP-T10 in the test. Compared to the very cheap wireless in-ears, you have to admit that you notice the significant price difference, especially in the look and feel of the materials used. The wireless in-ear is absolutely high-quality processed and simply looks a lot classier to me.

If you only reduce the headphones to the sound, it is marginally better in the high and low tones than its cheap competitors. However, not to an extent that justifies this surcharge over the sound alone. Here, it is rather the total package.

Wireless charging, good headset performance, long battery life and a stable Bluetooth connection round out the Aukey Key Series EP-T10, with its impeccable workmanship and good sound.

The only complaint about these headphones is that they lack aptX certification for the price and that the left earpiece cannot be used separately. For me personally, however, this is not an exclusion criterion.

  • Design & workmanship
  • Wearing comfort & shielding
  • Sound
  • Runtime & range
  • Only right earpiece can be used individually
  • Not aptX certified
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