The avocado air mattress: fun and relaxation for $24.03 from Amazon

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The Avocado: Some like it and some don’t. I, for one, belong to the big fanbase of the green fruit – and of course there are reasons for that. The tropical fruit is full of nutrients and contains good fats for the body. Now that the bathing season is approaching, there’s an avocado air mattress for all avocado fanboys and fan girls that offers more than one benefit – just like the real fruit.

Avocado air mattress with core

The air mattress is not an ordinary one, not only does its avocado look make it definitely stand out, but when inflated it is relatively large with dimensions of 160 x 122 x 25 cm. In the design, the air mattress represents the cross-section of an avocado, on which all layers of the fat-rich fruit can be seen.

Avocado air mattress in detail
Both the air mattress and the ball are inflatable.

The special: The core does not represent a surface on which you only lie, but is a water ball that you can take out and play with.

Avocado for two

Fully inflated, the avocado is big enough for people up to 1.60 m tall. Therefore, all the others who are taller unfortunately look into the void. However, the floating mattress can hold a weight of up to 200 kg above water, so that it can theoretically withstand two to three adults – but is unlikely due to its surface area. At least children should find enough space on the avocado. Or adults just let their legs float in the water.

Avocado air mattress without core

The avocado air mattress consists of ordinary PVC material like many commercial air mattresses. According to the manufacturer, however, the air mattress should have a special valve with which the inflation should take place five times as fast as normally.

Attention guaranteed

I definitely think the avocado air mattress is extraordinary. It doesn’t offer enough space for me to lie completely on, but the idea behind the water polo pit is really funny to me and because of the unusual look you will definitely get some looks. For people who don’t like avocados very much, the eye-catching pizza air mattress might be something.

What do you think about the avocado air mattress? Would that be something for the next summer holiday?

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