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Ever heard of the avocado hand? This term refers to the phenomenon that more and more people cut their hands when cutting and gutting an avocado. A London surgeon treats an average of four patients a week with an avocado hand. That is why he calls for a warning on the fruits. An alternative solution might be this avocado cutter from China.

avocado cutter

It is no secret that avocados are healthy and therefore one of the food trends of recent years. Avocado toast, guacamole and other specialities are now on almost every menu. With this practical cutter, the greasy fruit can be easily cut open, seeded and portioned. The gadget is divided into three parts.

3 steps to a perfectly cut avocado

You start with the small knife at the top. With this you cut along the avocado so that you divide it into two halves. Then the central, round recess with three integrated blades is placed on the core and can be easily removed. The two halves can then be easily portioned with the cutter. The same principle is used for an egg slicer. This is easy because an avocado is usually very soft.

Avocado Cutter Instructions
Cut, seed and portion the avocados in three steps.

The avocado cutter is visually reminiscent of an avocado. It is made of ABS, i.e. plastic, and is 20 cm long and 6 cm wide. An advantage over a normal knife is the relatively short blade. The cutting surface is sufficient for the size of an avocado, but at the same time offers less cutting surface for your own hands.

avocado cutter 3 in 1
The avocado cutter is made of plastic and resembles the colour of an avocado itself.

Have you ever had to be treated thanks to an avocado? Even if not, the gadget is probably a must for every avocado fan. However, I can also imagine that it might be used for mangoes, for example.

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