Bacon stand for the microwave for $4.29 from Amazon

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Looking for an easy way to get some crispy bacon? Why not try this Bacon stand for the microwave for $4.29 from Amazon?

Whether the knife for watermelons or the pizza scissors, kitchen gadgets are especially interesting when they relieve us of work and are cheap. The bacon stand for the microwave seems to meet exactly these criteria.

Bacon Stand Microwave

Space for up to 12 bacon strips

What at first glance looks like a laundry rack that is too small has a very similar function: because the bacon hanging there does not lie completely on one side, but (almost) the entire surface is in contact with the air, it can be heated much better in the microwave. On the gadget there is room for up to twelve bacon strips (varies, of course, with the size of the bacon) and on the side there is a handle to take the construction out of the microwave more easily.

Bacon Stand Microwave cooked
When hanging up the bacon, make sure that it does not hang too far into the collecting basin, otherwise the end will drip with grease.

The dimensions of the white kitchen gadget vary from shop to shop, so you might want to check again if the gadget fits into your microwave. Especially the cleaning of the gadget has the advantage, because the fat is collected and can simply be thrown away. In addition, the bacon stand is dishwasher-safe.

The perfect gadget for students and lazybones? That depends on the taste – but definitely worth a try ? .

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