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Whether it’s cereal bags, coffee bags or snacks. Once a bag is opened, you usually need a clip to close it again. But this works much better. The bag clip with opening ensures that you can easily pour out the contents of the bag even after opening it for the first time.

Bag Clip Design

Bag clip with opening

The idea is as simple as it is ingenious, precisely because it simplifies a “problem” of everyday life. The best example is the coffee bag. We get whole beans even for our coffee machine, which is exhausted to the maximum every day. If you open a new pack, it’s best to reseal it with a standard clip. Otherwise the important aroma will go down the drain. If you have to refill the beans, you first have to remove the clip and then put it back on again.

Bag Clip Use

The bag clip with opening extends the functional repertoire of the standard clip by an opening with closure. This means: Cut the coffee bag open, close the clip once with the opening and then simply open and close the closure each time it is used again. It has the same effect as a normal clip, but the daily use is actually a bit easier.

Bag clip opening

The unknown Chinese producer uses polypropylene plastic and dimensions of 12.5 x 5.5 x 4.5 cm for this purpose. The fact that there are different colours is a matter of course for such a China gadget.

What do you say? Useful household help or really a luxury problem?

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    Looks like an improvement from where the bag clips started.

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