For pizza and more: Silicone baking mat for $7.96/£2.32/4,51€ 

Hey, guys! Just a heads up: The linked offer is already a bit older and the price of the gadget might have changed or it might not be available anymore.

Practical kitchen gagdets are always welcome and this product also falls under this category. So you get a silicone baking mat in different sizes, which is perfect for pizza and all kinds of baked goods thanks to the centimeter specifications.

The silicone mat for baking pizza

The mat can be easily washed off and is therefore well suited for baking. Particularly practical are the various measurement options, whereby you can bring your pizza in the middle, as desired, up to 30 cm in diameter. Also ideal if you want to check whether the delivered pizza really has the promised diameter. The measuring units inches and centimeters are on the edge, so you can also measure everything else precisely here.

You can roll up the mat again after use and it should also be usable as a baking paper replacement. This is also confirmed by some Amazon customers, although the durability remains questionable with frequent use. Due to the material, the mat should also adhere well to any surface and so you can bake everything from cookies, to cakes, to pizza and everywhere.

Probably not everyone will need the centimeters, but simply bake by feel – but the idea is still not bad.

Kitchen gadgets for every occasion

I think the mat is a nice thing, especially for the small price, although I myself prefer to order pizza than to bake it myself. If you feel the same way and prefer to make cheese skewers, you can also find this cute Beluga as a toothpick holder and other gadgets for your kitchen. What do you think of this gadget and maybe you even have such a mat at home and can share experiences?

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