Baseus USB-C Charging Cable with Display & 100 Watt for $11

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The USB-C port has been the standard in the technology world for a few years, and you can hardly find devices with a micro-USB port anymore. Manufacturers promise more and more power, but does it reach the device? Baseus shows you with the USB-C charging cable, with how many watts, cell phone, laptop and Co. can charge.

Baseus Charging Cable Laptop Charging

MaterialZinc alloy + nylon braided wire
Charging power100 w (20v 5A)
Transmission rate480 Mbit/s
Connections (input and output)USB-C
Length1 m, 2 m
ColorGreen, Black

How it works

Right now, you need USB-C charging cables for just about everything. You can see that they are everywhere, from cell phones to your own home computer. The USB-C port makes it possible to connect the cable to the end device on both sides, and who wants to take umpteen tries to get their end device plugged in? It also offers a higher data transfer rate with the USB 3.1 standard in contrast to the previous ones.

Baseus Charging Cable Function-1

The Baseus charging cable comes with a length of either one meter or alternatively with USB-A to USB-C in two meters. While you can only choose from the colors black and green for the USB-C to USB-C cable, the USB-A to USB-C cable also comes in red, white and gray. In addition, the charging cable is braided with nylon, so it cannot kink as easily and thus withstands everyday situations better.

Baseus Charging Cable Cover


The display is on one of the two connectors and shows the current wattage. Thus, it can display a maximum output power of 100W. Especially when it comes to charging duration, it’s often good to know how fast you can charge typical everyday items. You should not only pay attention to how good the output of the power plug is, but also how good the input of the end device is. Until you figure this out, it is much easier with the Baseus charging cable. All you have to do is connect the cable and you will see how many watts the cell phone is currently being charged with, for example.

Baseus Charging Cable Display

However, the cable can be used not only for charging, but also gives you the opportunity, for example, to transfer data between a cell phone and the PC. It is important to pay attention to how high the data transfer speed is. The Baseus charging cable has a data transfer rate of 480 Mbps, which is an average value.


The USB-C cable from Bareus is easily sufficient for everyday use. The display shows the current wattage, which you can use to charge your devices. The feature is not really necessary for everyday use, but those who love this extra touch are well served with this cable from Baseus. Another useful feature of the cable is that the ports can be used on both sides, thanks to the two USB-C ports. You can also use the USB-A to USB-C charging cable, which also comes from Baseus.

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