Baseus IR remote control for $10.67 – alternative for $1.30

Hey, guys! Just a heads up: The linked offer is already a bit older and the price of the gadget might have changed or it might not be available anymore.

Universal remote controls are no longer news by far. You don’t always have them with you, however, mostly you do have your smartphone at hand. With this Baseus IR remote control you can turn your smartphone into a remote control for everything. Because it allows an infrared control similar to a remote control over all infrared capable devices.

Baseus infrared remote control on smartphone

Baseus IR Remote Control with USB Type-C

Baseus is already known to us as a manufacturer due to the 3 in 1 cable. The Baseus R02 also has a USB type C plug, which is plugged into the bottom of a smartphone. It is made of aluminium, is 6 cm long and has a silicone tube to easily attach the controller to the key ring. At the other end sits the infrared blaster, which can communicate with any device that has an IR receiver. These include, for example, televisions, air conditioners, receivers or cameras.

Baseus IR Controller

The range is up to 10 meters. It should be mentioned that not every smartphone needs this connector. For example, most Xiaomi budget and mid-range models have an integrated IR blaster. This IR remote control would therefore be useless for these models. The models are equipped with the Mi remote control. If your smartphone is not included, Baseus recommends the Zaza Remote App (Android Download | not on iTunes anymore). This app also worked immediately on a Xiaomi smartphone.

Baseus IR Remote App
A screenshot from the app: with the TV the operation worked without any problems (without Baseus adapter).

If you have an iPhone, the infrared control is also available with a Lightning plug. If you have a Micro-USB Smartphone, a USB type C to Micro-USB adapter would be useful.

Infrared controller with jack connector


Alternatively, there is also an infrared controller with a jack connection, which however comes without a recognizable company name. The design is also a little bit unusual.

Infrared controller with jack connector

This little helper allows you to operate almost any technical device from a distance. According to the manufacturer you can switch TVs, air conditioners, projectors, cameras and much more.

Simply plug the device into the headphone socket of your mobile phone and you’re ready to go. All you need here is the free app “ZaZaRemote” for Android. This turns your smartphone into an all-round remote control.

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  • Profile picture from Tranard
    # 29.01.19 um 06:17


    I knew that it was A reason why it did not work great idea. I had the app but it did not work. And I see why. You need that. Great idea and great job!

  • Profile picture from Waz
    # 17.09.19 um 06:40


    The Baseus IR Remote Control doesn't work because zaza remote app does not exist.

    • Profile picture from Maike
      # 17.09.19 um 13:18

      Maike CG team

      @waz it seems like the iTunes App is no longer available, but the Andoid App still exists. Thanks for the notice.

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