Baseus i-Work monitor lamp with touch panel for $33.48

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After the Xiaomi monitor lamp, we have now discovered this monitor lamp from Baseus. It is even cheaper than the lamp from Xiaomi.

Baseus Gaming Monitor Lamp

Why a monitor lamp?

Monitor lamps should help to reduce the light influence from the monitor to the eyes and thus protect the eyes when you are sitting at the computer for a long time. Moreover, unlike ordinary desk lamps, they do not take up any space on your desk, which can be especially handy on small desks or with many books. Your workplace is also more evenly lit than with an ordinary lamp.

Features of the Baseus lamp

Baseus Monitor LampXiaomi Monitor Lamp
Size6.6 cm x 9.2 cm x 45 cm2.3 cm x 2.3 cm x 44.8 cm
Weight0,48 kg0,6 kg
Light temperature2800 – 4000 – 5500 K (3 levels)2700-6500 K (freely adjustable)

The attachment of the monitor lamp from Baseus works with a clip. A spring inside the clip keeps the monitor lamp in place. On the inside of the clip is a silicon pad, so that nothing happens to your beloved monitor. But with a clip the lamp from Baseus is probably not suitable for borderless screens. Unfortunately, there are no specifications whether the lamp is also suitable for curved monitors like the Xiaomi gaming monitor. Just like the Xiaomi monitor lamp, the angle of the lamp should be improved to avoid dazzling the user. Thus, the keyboard or documents in front of the monitor should be ideally lit, but not the user.

Baseus Monitor Lamp Light Angle

In addition, there should be no annoying reflections on the screen. You can choose between three modes for the color temperature:

  • White light (5500 K) for clear light e.g. in the office
  • Mixed light (4000 K) for easy reading
  • Warm light (2800 K) to feel good

You can dim the color intensity freely. Just like the Xiaomi monitor lamp, the Baseus monitor lamp is also equipped with a USB-C port. Here too, you can choose whether you want to power the lamp via an adapter at the wall socket, a power bank or directly via the computer. The cable to the lamp is included in the scope of delivery.

Baseus monitor lamp dim

Differences to the Xiaomi monitor lamp

While Xiaomi’s monitor lamp allows you to choose seamlessly between color temperatures, the Baseus monitor lamp only allows you to choose between 3 color temperature settings. For me personally, this would not be a problem, but maybe some of you would like to adjust your light more individually. In addition, the Baseus lamp does not have a remote control but a touch panel with 3 buttons to adjust the light.

The material of the lamp is the same in both cases. But the mounting of the lamps is different. While Baseus uses a classic clip that holds your lamp firmly on the monitor, Xiaomi uses a weighted holder that simply places the lamp on the monitor. This way, Xiaomi’s lamp is definitely suitable for curved monitors, but also offers less stability. So if you have a shaky desk or like to hit you with your fist when you lose a round of counterstrike, you might want to use Baseus’ fixed lamp.

In our experience, Baseus products are quite solid. So if you don’t want to dig so deep into your pocket and can do without a remote control, this lamp might be more attractive for you.

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    There's a 40% coupon on the Amazon USA page, made $21.59 before taxes. The coupon code is under the special offers. It is: 7ECGUQ83

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