Bedspread clips for $4.48 and quiet nights

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Everyone knows the days when nothing works, first you try in vain to find a good sleeping position and then the lining is so strangely warped in the comforter cover due to constant rolling that you have to cover the comforter again. So that this no longer happens, there are so-called bedspread clips that hold the lining and the comforter cover together.

Bedspread clip on bedspread


The Bedspread clips are made of plastic and are available in the colors purple, pink and green. In a set there are 6 or 8 clips, which is more than enough for a bedspread. A Bedspread clip has a length of 53 mm, is 20 mm and 26 mm long on the narrow sides. The holders have a weight of 12 grams each and are elastic up to 180°.

Bedspread clip colors


The operation of the bedspread clips is actually relatively simple. They are simply attached to the corners of the quilt and hooked with the help of the clasp by pressing down. So you notice the bed covering does not take much longer with the clips

Bedspread clip mechanism

Another method with a similar effect would be with a needle. Here, this is pierced through the comforter cover and the lining and fixed with the counterpart and the built-in magnet, similar to the beepers of clothes in clothing stores. The disadvantage of the clips with the needles, is this that when piercing through the comforter cover, this can suffer and a risk of injury exists when covering. I speak from my own experience, as I have already pierced 2-3 when piercing.

Bedspread clip with needle


The Bedspread clips are a good investment especially for bed rollers. They prevent slipping of the comforter cover and the lining. The price of about 5$ is in my opinion okay. The clips are available in different colors and you can fall asleep relaxed without fear of having to re-cover your bed.

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