BlitzWolf BW-CB2 blender with 1500W for $257.43/219,22€

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Banggood’s house brand BlitzWolf offers a wide range of gadgets. Whether it is a USB-C cable, a fan or a height-adjustable desk – BlitzWolf certainly impresses Xiaomi with its broad spectrum. Recently, we also noticed several kitchen gadgets from the manufacturer. For example, the BlitzWolf BW-CB2 blender with 1500W of power. Is the import worth it?

BlitzWolf BW-CB2 blender Smoothie Maike

Scope of delivery

The blender arrived to us very safely packed in its box. Included was of course the blender, an instruction manual, a pestle, two covers and the vacuum lid for the container.

BlitzWolf BW-CB2 blender Scope of Delivery

The container has the other lid already on when unpacking. Beforehand: we have not yet tested the vacuum function.

BlitzWolf BW-CB2 blender as a whole

Here again the whole device. The first impression is absolutely top. All parts are well made, look high quality and nothing wobbles or has too large gaps. The blender is definitely not for the small kitchen. As you can easily see, it’s quite a hunk, for which you first need the space. But this can be worthwhile.

BlitzWolf BW-CB2 blender size

The blender jar offers a capacity of 1.5 liters and is made of Tritan, which is not glass. The blender measures just under 51 cm in height, with a width of 20 and a depth of 26.7 cm. The weight is 6.87 kg, but since a blender is usually rarely moved, this should not be a big point of criticism, but should be kept in mind.

Blender with sound insulation

No, the BlitzWolf BW-CB2 blender is not meant to be a Thermomix alternative like the Xiaomi Ocooker food processor, but a “usual” blender. Nevertheless, the BlitzWolf device offers an optics, which I know so far only from the gastronomy. This is because the actual blender jar is protected by a Quiet Shield, which is supposed to reduce the blender’s working volume by 30% to around 80 dB. A brief research of other blenders shows that comparable blenders can also get up to 90 db loud. BlitzWolf BW-CB2 blender open

The noise shield can simply be opened upwards and holds there by itself. We captured the noise level with a measuring device. On the left the value with noise protection, on the right without.

BlitzWolf BW-CB2 blender Noise Protection Loudness

BlitzWolf BW CB2 blender without noise protection volume

The advertising promises seem to have been kept. The noise level was reached while blending frozen fruit. So it can possibly get a little louder with “harder” things. But it still easily managed the 10 db difference, but I would not necessarily call it really quiet.

When blending gets complicated

Underneath the blender jar is the control panel, which has an LCD display for the time, two function buttons for the timer, and a dial for adjusting the blend strength. On the bottom, the device is equipped with anti-slip feet, so that a safe stand should be ensured.

BlitzWolf BW-CB2 blender control panel

The operation took some getting used to. Simply turning the wheel is not enough here. First you have to turn the device on, select product, set the level at which you want to mix and then an automatic timer appears. The process starts when you press the start button.

With 35,000 rpm

BlitzWolf advertises the blender big with a power of 1500W or 2.5 horsepower, which is quite common in this price range, but also not the end of the line. However, the wattage alone does not give much information about the blender’s strength. The rotations per minute, which BlitzWolf specifies as a lush 35,000 rpm, are also important. For comparison: Vitamix devices at a price of 600 to 700€ usually manage about 30,000 rpm. But even there, you should still evaluate the blade quality. The BlitzWolf BW-CB2 offers a blender blade with four stainless steel blades.

BlitzWolf BW-CB2 blender smoothie

We tested the blender by me making smoothies for the office. Just mixed good old berry mix and frozen bananas with a little water for this. This actually worked very well, didn’t take long and the smoothie was delicious. Frozen/ice is no problem for the blender, very good!

BlitzWolf BW-CB2 blender dirty

The BlitzWolf BW-CB2 blender offers a total of ten speed settings that allow you to adjust the blending power to the selected ingredients. According to BlitzWolf, you can grind, crush ice, blend, puree and liquefy with the blender. This makes the blender suitable for fruit, juice, nuts, purees, sauces, smoothies and soups.

We have not yet tested the “vacuum” function. It is supposed to draw as much oxygen as possible out of the blender jar before blending, so that nutrients are better preserved, the color stays fresher, and the lack of oxidation makes the smoothies last longer. If you have ever had any experience with such a vacuum function, please let us know.


I think for people who really do a lot with the blender and it is a fully integrated kitchen appliance, they will be quite happy with the BlitzWolf BW-CB2 stand blender. The 10 db less noise already makes a significant difference, the blender has many functions, is made of high quality, is easy to clean and then costs much less than the comparable models. If you’re looking for a blender with sound insulation and vacuum function, you’re more likely to find it at gastro blenders and corresponding stores, but not at Amazon.Accordingly, the devices are usually a bit more expensive, which is why BlitzWolf achieves a good price-performance ratio here.

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    # 28.05.23 um 08:51


    I try to find some parts for the above Blitzwolf,because it is not working now,because my fault.The motor and vacuum pump are OK,but the knives are not working.
    Can you help please to find the parts?

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