BlitzWolf BW-CML2 RGB Monitor Lamp for $28: Alternative to Yeelight Screenbar?

Hey, guys! Just a heads up: The linked offer is already a bit older and the price of the gadget might have changed or it might not be available anymore.

After we already tested the RGB monitor lamp from Yeelight, BlitzWolf now also presents its own monitor lamp with RGB backlight. The price of the monitor lamp is considerably lower, which raises the question, whether BlitzWolf has succeeded in creating a cheap and above alternative.

BlitzWolf Screenbar

Technical data

Size 2.2 cm x 46 cm
Light temperature2700-6500k
Brightness300-1000 Lux

Design & Installation

The design of the BlitzWolf RGB monitor lamp hardly differs from the basic look of a monitor lamp. It is kept simple in black and on the right side there is both the BlitzWolf brand lettering and a touch sensor for control. The clip needed to attach the monitor lamp is in gray, suitable for monitors with a depth of 15 to 25 mm and is attached to the monitor with an adhesive strip.

Afterwards, the USB-A cable can be routed through the bottom of the holder and the monitor lamp can be mounted on the clip with another adhesive strip. It is also worth mentioning that the monitor lamp is tilted by about 25 degrees to ideally not blind the user, but to illuminate the keyboard or table. Unfortunately, the product page does not mention whether it can also be attached to curved monitors.

Light modes & RGB backlight

The light of the front LEDs can be adjusted in terms of brightness and color temperature. Depending on your preference, you can create a warm light as well as a cooler light and choose between five different brightness levels.

BlitzWolf Screenbar Brightness

Similar to the Yeelight Screenbar, BlitzWolf has installed an RGB backlight in the successor model of its monitor lamp. This has a total of 15 different modes, which cannot be configured again. Accordingly, you have to be satisfied with the preset effects and color changes.

BlitzWolf Screenbar RGB Backlight

Operating the monitor lamp

While other monitor lamps are controlled via app or remote control, here you can adjust the color modes and brightness levels with a touch sensor. You can turn the lamp on with one touch and off again with a double tap. A long press on the sensor changes the color temperature, and a short press changes the brightness.

The same applies to the RGB backlight. You can switch between the different modes by briefly touching the sensor. The RGB can then also be turned off with a long press.

Yeelight Screenbar clone?

The BlitzWolf RGB monitor lamp seems to be a good and especially cheaper monitor lamp with RGB lighting than Xiaomi’s Yeelight model. Is it even better? That’s hard to answer so far, since it hasn’t been officially released yet. Therefore, we can only work with data from the product page so far.

While Yeelight’s screen bar has a magnetic contact as an attachment, simple adhesive strips are used here. Whether these will hold as well in reality is questionable. It is also not possible to control the BlitzWolf model via app. The control with the touch sensor probably works quite well, but it is hard to imagine that the brightness and color temperature can be adjusted just as precisely. Especially since you will probably find yourself in the wrong settings more often than desired if you accidentally apply too much or too long pressure.

However, it is priced at just less $40. In return, you get a monitor lamp with colorful backlighting that is good on paper. So, if you need a cheap light for working and also watch the odd movie on the screen, you probably won’t go wrong with this model.

Do you need the RGB backlight or is a “simple” monitor lamp without many extras enough?

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    can anybody confirm whether is this suitable for 34" curved monitor?

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