BlitzWolf BW-ESD: Making your own desk height adjustable

There are many reasons for a height-adjustable desk: Back diseases are prevented, performance, concentration and motivation are increased and with less sitting time there is demonstrably less downtime. The only problem is that desks are often quite expensive and those who have a good desk don’t want to throw it away. But there is too little space for both together. The models BlitzWolf BW-ESD1 and 2 are pneumatic desk attachments. This means: You can upgrade your old desk and an efficient space allocation is given.

BlitzWolf desk attachment on table

  • BlitzWolf-BW-ESD1 pneumatic height adjustable desk with 13 kg maximum weight, 83 x 42 x 49 cm
  • BlitzWolf-BW-ESD2 electric height adjustable desk with USB charging station and 15 kg maximum weight, 85 x 42 x 50 cm

The future?

This trend has been observed for years: Many companies are investing in ergonomics in the office, and many people are also treating themselves to a new office chair, sitting on gymnastics balls or putting a posture cushion on their chair. Height-adjustable desks have also found their way into the working world for some time now. For those who have been waiting until now, whether for reasons of cost or space, but are thinking about upgrading, BlitzWolf has very interesting options with the BW-ESD models.

BlitzWolf Desk Top without PC

Design and structure

The principle is quickly explained. The desk is cleared out, the BlitzWolf is placed on top. Done! The chaos of yesterday is and remains history. There is not much room for chaos. But you have a fixed place for keyboard and monitors, as well as a bar for tablets, smartphones etc.

The lower “floor” is for keyboard and mouse and can only take a load of 2 kg, while the main plate can easily carry 13 or 15 kg maximum weight.

BlitzWolf desk attachment in practice

The height adjustment of the first generation is done pneumatically by a lever on the side. The whole thing is as quiet as with your desk chair.

BlitzWolf desk attachment Side

When fully extended, the BlitzWolf BW-ESD1 reaches a height of 49 cm, its successor 50 cm. The former is only 12.5 cm high in the lowest position, while the ESD2 is slightly higher at 15 cm.

BlitzWolf desk attachment USB charger

The ESD2 also needs the additional space to accommodate the built-in USB power station. USB 2.0 is no longer the latest standard, but the station is still a nice addition. It also contains the discreet switch for the electrical height adjustment. This makes a little more noise when adjusting the height. Personally I like the big lever on the ESD1 a bit better.

BlitzWolf desk attachment from above

The BlitzWolf BW-ESD1 is 83 cm long, the large plate 45 cm, the small plate 31 cm wide. This means that the Xiaomi Curved 34-inch gaming monitor, for example, fits onto the plate without any problems. If you would like to have a setup with a double monitor, you will be able to accommodate it. BlitzWolf, however, advertises the combination of a desk-top setup and their pneumatic dual monitor stand BW-MS3. With 85 cm, 50 cm and 31 cm, the ESD2 only marginally adds something extra.

Evaluation: Do you need a BlitzWolf BW-ESD1 or 2?

The desk attachments are a fine thing. They are much cheaper than height-adjustable desks and BlitzWolf even ranks low in price compared to other attachments. If the workmanship fits, as you would expect from BlitzWolf, then both models can be recommended one hundred percent.
In combination with a Xiaomi WalkingPad and a cheap desk, you can even build a super cheap “WalkingDesk” and have the advantage over the finished modules that you can quickly change back to a classic setup. What is your preferred working method? Standing at your desk, sitting, walking, on the couch, in bed or elsewhere – write it down in the comments below!

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