BlitzWolf BW-FLT1: RGB Floor Lamp for $85

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From kitchen appliances like the mini dishwasher to chargers and gaming chairs, the BlitzWolf brand covers so much that we keep writing new reviews and tests about their products. This time, as you can see from the title, we tested a BlitzWolf floor lamp for just under $90. Could it convince us?

BlitzWolf BW-FLT1 RGB floor lamp

Technical details

High142 cm
Power20 Watt

Off to the corner

To present a certain atmosphere in his room even in the dark, you can choose different types of lighting. Either you choose, for example, LED strips, Light Bars, incandescent bulbs or you just choose a floor lamp. However, this BlitzWolf product is not an ordinary floor lamp, but one with RGB lighting, with which the room can be colorfully illuminated.

The BlitzWolf BW-FLT1 floor lamp is only available in black and at first glance it is immediately noticeable that it is basically intended for a corner of the room, because both feet of the lamp are positioned at a 90° angle to each other. At the same time, the two feet each have a length of 40 cm and a span of 56 cm. The assembly of the floor lamp is kept quite simple, as you just push the two feet into the connections provided for this purpose on the center rod. Before that, the cable connections in one of the two feet must be plugged into each other. However, it has to be mentioned here that the lamp is anything but really stable. A slight jolt and the floor lamp almost falls over, although this is also partly due to the general shape and weight of the lamp.

By the way, the lamp arrived bent, however, you can get it straight again with a little force without damaging it.

The total height of BlitzWolf floor lamp is 142 cm. In general, it can be said about the design of the lamp that as a corner lamp it is above all space-saving. However, whether you find the lamp so visually appealing in off mode is of course, as so often, a matter of taste.

Remote control instead of app control

The floor lamp is operated with an infrared remote control, which can not only be used to turn the lamp on and off, but also to adjust the color, color brightness, mode and speed. However, the operation is not quite as self-explanatory, since you do not have any pressure points, but operate everything via various touch fields. Unfortunately, the BlitzWolf BW-FLT1 lamp can only be operated with this remote control. Thus, there is no app or voice control.

Due to the built-in RGB LEDs, the floor lamp can shine in different colors and, according to the manufacturer, display up to 68 dynamic light modes. On the remote control, you can then set whether the LEDs should shine in one, two or three colors, and there is also the option of displaying the entire color spectrum on the LEDs.

Worth a purchase?

Since the BlitzWolf BW-FLT1 floor lamp can only be operated with the included infrared remote control, there is not much we can say about it. Since the control with the remote control is not that easy at the beginning and we are generally fans of smart home systems, we would have liked to have at least an app control here as well.

Nevertheless, it can be stated that the BlitzWolf BW-FLT1 floor lamp absolutely convinced us for this price range, which is mainly due to the light intensity and the color intensity. These are, as well as the light gradient in the effects, really good and provide a nice lighting in the room. In addition, the simple assembly should also be emphasized positively, as this hardly takes any time and effort, and the floor lamp is thus ready for use after a short time.

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