BlitzWolf BW-VC1 Vacuum robot with 2200 pa and laser room measurement

Hey, guys! Just a heads up: The linked offer is already a bit older and the price of the gadget might have changed or it might not be available anymore.

In the meantime, more and more models with laser space measurement and corresponding mapping are coming onto the market, now another manufacturer with a promising model is coming up. The BlitzWolf BW-VC1 vacuum robot has very strong values on the technical data sheet – and costs considerably less than the RoboRock S50 and even less than the 360 S6. I wonder if everything is going right?

BlitzWolf BW-VC1 Vacuum robot Use

Technical data: Comparison with RoboRock S50

BlitzWolf BW-VC1Xiaomi RoboRock S50
Suction power2200 pa2000 pa
AppBlitz Clean (Android, iOS)Mi Home
NavigationLaser room measurementLaser room measurement
Noise level65 dB65 dB
Battery5200 mAh5200 mAh
Dust chamber/water tank0.38 l/ not available0.48 l/0.3 l
Working time3 h2.5 h
Weight3,1 kg3,5 kg
Dimensions34.6 x 34.6 x 9.7 cm (quite high)35.3 x 35.0 x 9.9 cm
Inclinations15°, 1.5 cm20°, over 2 cm
CE markn.a.for International version
  • app control
  • Mapping with room layout and no-go zones
  • Alexa control (being developed)
  • app control
  • Mapping with room layout and no-go zones
  • Alexa-/ and Google Home Controls
  • wipe function
  • carpet detection

Direct comparison is the basis for the following conclusions: In terms of suction power and working time, the BW-VC1 seems to leave the RoboRock S50 behind ( this has yet to be proven, of course), but it has fewer functions than the current top model. BlitzWolf even has the audacity to make its own comparison table:

BlitzWolf BW-VC1 Vacuum Robot Comparison Xiaomi Vacuum Robot
Daring frontal attack on Xiaomi. With this table BlitzWolf wants to show the advantages of their model.

Courageous, courageous. In fact, the BW-VC1 (which probably stands for BlitzWolf VaccumCleaner1) is not the manufacturer’s first model, we already knew the BW-XRC600 (ages ago). This turned out to be a mass-produced model, it also appeared under the name GBlife 680G and as LIDL’s own brand. A typical product that costs different amounts under different branding.

Laser room measurement and mapping

On the upper side is the laser distance sensor (LDS), with which the robot scans the premises and creates a virtual map, which is then displayed in the app “Blitz Clean”. Virtual walls and no-go zones can be drawn on it. No-Go zones are areas that the robot does not travel through. If the BW-VC1 encounters a virtual wall, it immediately turns around and does not cross this line.

BlitzWolf BW-VC1 Vacuum robot Navigation
The BlitzWolf also distinguishes between different rooms.

Furthermore, the BlitzWolf divides the rooms into different areas, as we know it from the DEEBOT Ozmo 930. This allows the robot to set specific working times for a specific room (living room 9:30 a.m., kitchen 13:00 p.m., for example). With one battery charge (5200 mAh), the BlitzWolf can work a full 3 hours, making the robot definitely suitable for larger rooms (280 m² according to the manufacturer). Practical: The BlitzWolf detects when the 0.38 l small dust chamber is full and sends a push notification via the app to its owner.

BlitzWolf BW-VC1 Vacuum robot Dimensions
With the dimensions 34.6 x 34.6 x 9.7 cm, the suction robot is quite high and does not get under every piece of furniture.

Of course, it should also be remembered that vacuum robots can only be connected to 2.4 GHz networks up to now, so you have to change your WLAN settings accordingly. Newer modems are capable of operating both 2.4 GHz and 5 GHz.

Highest suction power measured so far?

On paper, the BW-VC1 does a good job, even though voice control (Alexa control is still being developed), wipe function and carpet recognition are apparently missing. From my point of view it is bearable, if the price is lower. A blatant (and at the same time questionable) value are the 2200 pa suction power, which make even the RoboRock T6 just announced look jealous, if these apply in practice.

BlitzWolf BW-VC1 Vacuum Robot Performance
With a suction power of 2200 pa, the robot should also look good on carpets.

You can choose between four different suction levels: Silent (low operating noise), Standard, Powerful (almost max.) and Full speed (max.). On one of these levels, the robot reaches an operating volume of 65 dB, on which is not clear. This is an average value for a household helper. Of course, the usual vacuum robot features such as fall sensors and the autonomous retrieval of the charging station are also included.

Outlook: Buy BlitzWolf BW-VC1?

The competition for the current top dog Xiaomi is getting bigger and bigger: More and more models with laser room measurement not only provide more competition, but also more confusion on the market. According to the product description, the BlitzWolf BW-VC1 has a lot to offer: high suction power, long working hours, many functions in the app and above all a price below $300. But it’s precisely the latter that makes people sceptical; after all, the Chinese don’t always take the truth of their product descriptions so seriously. But if the technical data are correct in practice, we may be dealing with a good alternative to the RoboRock S50.

What do you think: Shall we get a test model and check out the data mentioned here?

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Comments (3)

  • Profile picture from Chris de Wit
    # 11.05.20 um 16:24

    Chris de Wit

    Waardeloos apparaat.
    De battery is binnen een jaar kapot en een reserve battery is niet leverbaar.
    Blitzwolf reageert nergens op.
    Er zijn heel veel klachten over de batterijen.

  • Profile picture from Suren D
    # 02.06.20 um 12:29

    Suren D

    Battery failed after 6 months, I think that is due to latest firmware upgrade. No support from blitzwolf or banggood . waste of money and time. DON'T BUY THIS PRODUCT.

  • Profile picture from pindol
    # 09.07.20 um 15:13


    My battery also died after 6 months. It won't charge over 1% capacity. There is no way to solve this problem. Blitzwolf support tells me to contact Banggood and Banggood wants me to send this piece of garbage back to China for ~60EUR.

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