Bluetooth padlock with app for $21.59 – alternative version with fingerprint sensor for $31.99

Hey, guys! Just a heads up: The linked offer is already a bit older and the price of the gadget might have changed or it might not be available anymore.

After initial confusion there is now clarity: there is a lock without and one with a fingerprint scanner directly on the lock. Both are nevertheless set up via app. The Bluetooth lock with fingerprint sensor is slightly more expensive, but is currently available from Cafago with the coupon MH21127  for $31.99.

It’s 2018, so a classic key-lock principle seems a little outdated to us. Whoever is as affine for wireless connection possibilities as we are will certainly find this Bluetooth padlock from China interesting.

Bluetooth Padlock Nokelock

Nokelock – An ordinary lock on the outside

At first glance, the Bluetooth padlock looks very similar to an ordinary padlock. Because it also consists of the classic housing including the locking cylinder and the handle. We don’t need to explain the usual principle of a padlock to you. The most striking difference between Bluetooth and a classic lock is the missing locking cylinder. Instead, there is a button next to a small LED. Here the lock is “switched on” before opening.

Bluetooth Padlock Nokelock size

The dimensions are 4.3 x 7 x 2 cm and the lock weighs 150g.

First you have to install the app named “Nokelock”. The plain white box in which our lock was delivered only comes with a note with a QR code. Once scanned, one is led to the download of a Chinese apk file, which is quickly downloaded and installed. This works with both Android and iOS. This requires only a few permissions for the smartphone (including memory and camera), but you need to register with an email address. Once you have taken this step, you can use the lock.

Small limitation: You have to be logged in with your account and connected to the internet.

Bluetooth Padlock Nokelock LED Button

Opening the lock with the app

If you turn on the lock, you will find it in the app after a few seconds. There you will be asked to give the lock a new name – we chose Steve. When you dock with the padlock for the first time, you are immediately connected to the padlock and become the “Admin”. As soon as someone else wants to connect to the lock in the same way, you will receive a message to the specified e-mail address. You can then add the person as a friend and unlock it for the lock – otherwise you will be denied access.

Nokelock App Bluetooth Padlock

In addition, when connecting to the lock, a log is retrieved, stating the date and time of each unlock. This allows you to track exactly who had access to whatever you want to protect with the lock and when.

The lock can be unlocked in three ways. By default, one press of the button in the app is sufficient (of course with an existing Bluetooth connection to the lock). You can use a numeric code, or use your phone’s fingerprint scanner. Every user connected to the lock can set this up individually.

Unlock Nokelock with App 2

Many of you have asked about the battery life. What happens when it’s empty? The status of the CR14250 battery will be displayed in the app; after unpacking, a value of around 90% was displayed. We now have a few dozen, if not hundreds of locking operations with the lock, but of course we haven’t nearly exhausted the battery yet. According to the description, this is sufficient for 8,000 to 10,000 locks. We will continue to use the lock and will add the info here as soon as the battery dies.

Protected against wind and weather

According to the description, the Bluetooth padlock is IP65 certified. So it can also be used outdoors. With us it passed the test under water jets at least undamaged. After all, it is made of aluminium and stainless steel.

How safe is Nokelock?

As great as the technology is, the lock would be useless if it didn’t close reliably. We are very satisfied here so far, without the App authorization you can’t open the lock without cutting tools. What remains questionable is what an experienced thief cannot do with the battery or the Bluetooth connection. However: If you walk through the backyards at night to crack bicycle sheds and garage doors, you are probably not prepared for such a lock.

At least with a lockpicking set you won’t get far with this lock. And a lock with a classic locking cylinder is no real help against the bolt cutter.

Bluetooth Padlock Nokelock side view


The problem with the evaluation of the lock: It is safe as long as it is not cracked. With the right tools you can get this lock open if necessary. In connection with the unfamiliar lock, one may be sceptical about securing one’s most valuable possessions with it. Unlocking via Bluetooth works very well, however, as does assigning rights to other users. So if you don’t necessarily want to secure the family inheritance jewellery with it, but rather a shared locker in the sports club or the tool shed in the garden, you can try out the padlock in our opinion.

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Comments (10)

  • Profile picture from sayed kayum
    # 12.04.18 um 17:11

    sayed kayum

    Again awesome made

  • Profile picture from tbsfenrir
    # 19.04.18 um 09:35


    I would have to visit the website(I will) before passing judgement. But like they say, bolt cutters will beat this everytime.

  • Profile picture from Axl
    # 22.04.18 um 14:44


    Must be connected to Bluetooth? How abt WiFi for remote distance unlocking?

    • Profile picture from Maike
      # 24.04.18 um 15:26

      Maike CG team

      It can only be unlocked via Bluetooth. Wifi is not possible, unfortunatly.

  • Profile picture from Federico
    # 05.05.18 um 19:44


    @Maike: Hello there

  • Profile picture from Haven
    # 06.05.18 um 21:39


    Bolt cutters, wrenches, aluminum can. Yeah, they would all work. Every lock has its own level of security, all can be broken. I wonder how easy it would be to fool the biometric lock.

  • Profile picture from Haven
    # 06.05.18 um 21:42


    Don't leave them outside exposed to a lot of heat.

  • Profile picture from Glen
    # 09.05.18 um 13:46


    Bolt cutters would beat most padlocks.

  • Profile picture from Nin
    # 20.07.18 um 14:29


    How do you change the battery?

    • Profile picture from Shabbir
      # 07.08.18 um 19:25


      Did you figure out how to change the battery? My pad lock's battery died and became useless.

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