For adventurers: Outdoor Bluetooth Speaker TUTUO MS – 319 for $22.99

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This is a pretty cool gadget for those adventurers out there who like to go camping, or hiking or just be around nature and still like to have their favourite tunes around them. Sometimes, listening to the sounds of nature can be quite relaxing, but nothing gets more into your soul than hearing your favourite tunes. Am I right? Well, therefore we’ve found the perfect companion for your outdoor trips. The Outdoor Bluetooth Speaker TUTUO MS – 319. Check it out!

Outdoor Bluetooth Speaker TUTUO MS - 319

I’m sure many of you already own a bluetooth speaker, but when it comes down to bringing it along whenever you go somewhere outside, you probably decided that it wasn’t the best idea. Mainly because it could rain, the soil could be wet, and what if the speaker fell down? With the Outdoor Bluetooth Speaker TUTUO MS – 319 you won’t have to worry about those things.

This speaker is to a certain extend waterproof (obviously you shouldn’t let it swim in a river or in the bathtub), very much shock-proof and dust-proof. Meaning, you can take it anywhere along with you. Plus, the design is quite interesting. It already shows you from the outside that it is made for adventures.

Outdoor Bluetooth Speaker TUTUO MS - 319 Description

The Outdoor Bluetooth Speaker TUTUO MS – 319 Description has a 2000mAh battery capacity and can play music for up to 10 hours. You can connect up to 8 different devices via bluetooth 4.0 and it also has a power button just for turning bluetooth on and off. Furthermore, the speaker has an NFC Tag, a micro USB charging port and a 3.5 audio input. The fitting cables are included. All in all the outdoor bluetooth speaker combines a really nice design with a lot of functions. Perfect for camping our trips outdoors.


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