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There are many great and inexpensive block sets from China. In our reviews we will tell you which are worth buying and where to geht them.
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CaDA Cyber CT-3X C64001W Motorcycle 2

CaDA releases another set of the Cyber Night series and this time for the first time a motorcycle. Like the previous models, the CT-X3 is also borrowed from Cyberpunk 2077 and is strongly oriented towards a motorcycle from the game. If you want to build up a fleet of vehicles not only in Night City, but also in the display case, you now get another vehicle.

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You are looking for a gift for your child, but it should not be too expensive? You want to revive old childhood memories and rummage again in the box of building blocks? Or are you simply looking for a new hobby? We show you great ideas and alternatives to often expensive toys. 

A large area of this theme world are building blocks. Are there any manufacturers other than Lego? Yes, and brands like CaDA and even Xiaomi have great sets at low prices. We'll answer the most important questions you have about building blocks. Where can I find Lego alternatives? What other manufacturers of building blocks are there anyway?

Sets, whether large or small, with 50 or up to 4,000 individual parts - we cover the whole range. Whether sports car or tank, crane or spaceship made of building blocks, there is the right set for everyone.

We take a special look at brands like CaDA. We order sets from China, assemble them and tell you exactly what to expect. But we also take a look at other manufacturers like Mouldking or Onebot and introduce new sets.