Brigii Y120 hand vacuum cleaner for easy car cleaning

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In the car, while waiting for the coffee machine or just to quickly vacuum something away: small, mobile hand vacuum cleaners are practical in everyday life and save a lot of work. The manufacturer Brigii, which sells mainly through Amazon, has just such a handy vacuum cleaner in its range. What can the Y120 do?

Brigii Y120 hand vacuum cleaner car

Brigii Y120: small, light, powerful?

Three things are important for handy vacuum cleaner: The weight, the size and the suction power. With a weight of 356 g (0,78 pounds) and dimensions of 6,2 x 18,4 cm (7,28 x 11,6 inches), the Brigii Y120 is extremely small, definitely portable and fits in your handbag or glove compartment. The suction power of 2000 pa is also enough for most of the tasks in the house or car.

Brigii Y120 hand vacuum cleaner size
Size and weight sounds good.

Inside, a 2000 mAh battery provides an undefined working time. You shouldn’t expect too much here, but you can definitely expect a value above 10 minutes. After 3 h charging time (by USB), the vacuum cleaner is ready for use. But what makes the Brigii Y120 a special cleaner? Yes, the size, but also the ability of absorbing and blowing in one. You won’t be able to blow away the leaves in front of your house, but for smaller tasks the vacuum cleaner should be suitable. And you got to choose what to use.

Brigii Y120 hand vacuum cleaner functions areas
Blowing and absorbing in one.

The design is certainly not spectacular, but rather functional. The workmanship cannot be rated without a test of the device.

Brigii Y120 hand vacuum cleaner
You got three attachements.

Also in the choice of price you can’t really blame Brigii. If the vacuum cleaner delivers what it promises in practice, the price for the Y120 is justified. For comparison: The models from Anker or Xiaomi are priced above $40. So if you ask Brigii, your future cleaning experience could look like this:

Brigii Y120 hand vacuum cleaner shopping

What do you think about the small cleaner?

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