BUDI Multifunction Cable Stick with microSD Card Reader for $14

Hey, guys! Just a heads up: The linked offer is already a bit older and the price of the gadget might have changed or it might not be available anymore.

Even though more and more devices now support USB-C, the micro-USB port is far from gone and Apple is still stuck with their Lightning port. If you regularly encounter different connections, you are well prepared with the BUDI cable stick, because it hides various adapters inside. Practical helper for on the go?

BUDI Cable stick half opened

Compact in red or black

The cable stick, which is optionally available in red or black, is quite compact with its dimensions of 29 x 132 x 16 mm and can thus also be stored in laptop bags and compartments in backpacks. To get to the attachments and storage space, you push up a device from the bottom of the case.

One cable for all cases

A short USB-C to USB-C cable is wrapped around the device inside, which can be adapted by three different adapters. These are found on one side of the cable stick and there are adapters for USB-A, Micro-USB and Lightning. Thus, you should have a cable ready for just about every smartphone.

There are also a few storage options for SIM and micro-SD cards in the cable stick. You can store a total of two nano-SIM cards and five micro-SD cards here. For those who often change their number and have switched to smartphones in the meantime, there is also a SIM pin in the cable stick.

MicroSD card reader included

If you carry around so many microSD cards, you will probably need a reader at some point. It is practical that this is also integrated in the cable stick. Simply insert the card into the reader and plug the USB-C cable into the port. Thanks to the various attachments, you can also connect the reader to almost any device.

BUDI Cable Stick Card Reader

If that were enough functions, a smartphone stand has been built into the stick. Simply pull on the underside when the stick is pushed together and a small holder comes out. This way you can watch a video or movie without holding the smartphone.


Cables with different ports are nothing new, and those who really only need them will probably be fine with a cheap cable. However, those who also regularly use MicroSD cards or carry other SIM cards with them will get a small total package here. You also save a potentially knotted cable in the backpack.

What do you think of the BUDI Multifunction Cable Stick?

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  • Profile picture from Richard Roberts
    # 11.08.22 um 22:18

    Richard Roberts

    Doesn’t work plugged it in to my iPhone and iPad and nothing happens.
    Waste of money.

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