Almost harmless: Butterfly Bottle Opener for $4.39

Why “almost harmless”? Well, if you open too many bottles of beer with this Butterfly bottle opener, you will probably have a nasty headache the next morning.

Butterfly Bottle Opener

Questionable design, thereby party gag?

While normal butterfly knives are mostly forbidden (for a good reason), this gadget made of stainless steel is sure to cause some confusion at the next party. If you don’t want your bottle opener to get lost, try a stationary version.

butterfly bottle opener black
Solid finish – also available in black 😉

There is no knife included – just a crown cork opener and other edges to serve various beverages fatally fast. Now there are only a few casual tricks to learn. There are a lot of instruction videos available to learn the typical butterfly knife wielding. Lean those to try to impress all the people around you, even if it’s not a real blade.

To the gadget
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