Against cable breakage: animal shaped cable protector from $2.00/£1.29/1,53€

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Especially if you have to charge your smartphone every day, you also have to use your USB cable every day. That leaves traces! So a cable break is not unlikely. That’s why products like the Unbreakcables from Syncwire have made it their mission to be “unbreakable”. A cuter solution is this animal-shaped cable protector, which has the necessary bite!

Cable protection-animals-turtle-lightning

All the variety

The function is actually quickly explained. This cable protector in the form of animals are small, colorful images of animals, which are made of silicone. However, they have been left “hollow” on the inside and given a longitudinal cut on the bottom. This allows you to spread the shape and better stick your cable end through it. This protects what is probably the most break-prone part of a charging cable, since it can no longer be bent as much.

You should pay attention to which cable you use. Some product pages explicitly talk about Lightning cables, but if the USB port is not too thick, it should also fit with other cables without problems. Micro-USB plugs are often almost as thin as Lightning plugs.


Perhaps the much more important feature of these little animals is their appearance. No matter what your favorite animal is, chances are you’ll find it here. Whether dog, koala, penguin, hedgehog or shark – the selection is huge! Only an alpaca we have not found yet :-O But not only the animal world is available for selection, also some comic characters now act as cable protectors on the side. Why not.

Cable protection animals-all-models

Ordinary cable protector

If you like it more functional and don’t care much for the little animals, you can of course get an ordinary cable protector from China.


at AliExpress for $3.58/£2.80/3,88€ (from UGREEN | 6 pieces)
Charging cables are irreplaceable for our smartphones. But they are mostly thin and cheaply made and sometimes cost really a lot of money. The more annoying it is when the cable breaks and it becomes unusable. This happens 90% of the time at the plug. To prevent this, there are these cable protectors that are simply clipped around the connector.

The plastic jacket stabilizes the cable in this area and the rear springs dampen the pull that acts on the cable. Thus, it remains intact for longer. The investment is worth it when you consider that a new Lightning or USB-C cable costs a few Euros. But it is also an advantage for the cheaper micro USB cables if you do not have to replace them as often.

In addition, the cable protectors are available in different colors.

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