CaDA C61006 off-road truck with remote control (1941 parts) for $199.99

Almost 2000 individual parts and with the enclosed set of motors and remote control also “remote” controllable. The CaDA kit C61006 should keep you busy for hours.

CaDA C61006 building blocks truck kit

The CaDA models have given us a lot of pleasure in recent times and have convinced us in terms of construction, workmanship and quality. One model was this rifle, which can shoot foam arrows. Comparable to the C61006 is the CaDA 919 Racing-Car, which can also be equipped with an engine.

CaDA C61006 Truck building blocks Details

In contrast, the motor and the remote control are directly included in this model. The construction doesn’t change much, except that the motor is installed directly. Due to this and the large number of individual parts, the assembly should take even longer than with the 919. The sports car with 1500 parts cost me at that time a good seven hours time, so here you can expect up to 10(!) hours. Depending on how much free time you have, this is a project for several days or even weeks. Building the model in just one day should be a challenge.

CaDA C61006 building blocks Truck 50° gradient

However, it is not possible to organize races with the truck: At GearBest the maximum speed is 0,58 km/h. But the car can climb gradients up to 50°. All four tyres have separate suspension. Doors and the loading area cover can be opened, and the seats in the driver’s cab can also be adjusted.

With about $100 the C61006 (for which you could think up a more catchy name) is one of the more expensive models. But if you consider the price in relation to the number of parts and the time for the assembly, then that would still be a very good price. We try to get and build a model ourselves in order to be able to make statements about the overall quality. Experience has shown that CaDA building blocks do not disappoint.

Do you already have such models at home? If you are interested in other models, have a look at our articles about the other models from CaDA or Xiaomi Mitu.

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