CaDA C63002W Wings Sports Car (1,812 parts) for $99/74£/88€

Hey, guys! Just a heads up: The linked offer is already a bit older and the price of the gadget might have changed or it might not be available anymore.

Called the “Wings Sports Car,” it is one of CaDA’s newer sets and has been available since November 2021. The black and white sports car consists of just under 1,800 individual parts and is offered optionally with or without engine and remote control.

New sets are also available at CaDA all the time. It’s hard to buy them all, but more choice is a good thing and makes it more likely that you’ll find a set that appeals to you. Maybe this sporting goods meets exactly your taste.

The most important thing is already said by the pictures. First of all, the set must be visually convincing. Here we have an open sports car in black and white with red accents. Where the name “Wings” comes from I do not understand just yet, should that have a specific background can maybe someone enlighten me 🙂

CaDA C63002 Sports car interior
View of the interior and the door mechanism

The set consists of 1,812 parts, measures 48 x 21.6 x 12.8 cm when assembled and is recommended by the manufacturer for ages 8 and up. The latter is, as always, relative, smart six-year-olds can certainly do it with support, and even with 30, some still have fun building.

CaDA C63002 Sports car Details
Some details of the car – CaDA has taken better pictures here, too.

Especially in the area of sports cars, there is of course already a large selection of models. But if you don’t just buy sets from the market leader, you often get a much better deal in terms of price-performance ratio. CaDA also offers a good price: just under €90 for a 1,800-part set of this size is fair. The bricks are compatible with those of other manufacturers and the quality is roughly comparable. CaDA has thus become one of the most popular manufacturers in recent years.

I don’t have any more concrete info or field reports on this set yet – it really just came out 🙂 So far, however, I’ve been at least satisfied with all sets from the brand that I’ve built, without exception. For more sets, it’s worth taking a look at our themed world of clamping bricks, where we present various models and also build them yourself.

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