CaDA C63003W – Dark Knight Supercar from 2.000 pieces for $104.50/80£/96€

Hey, guys! Just a heads up: The linked offer is already a bit older and the price of the gadget might have changed or it might not be available anymore.

New year, new sports cars. After the first CaDA set in 2022 was a large dump truck, the next set is back on familiar terrain and offers a classic “race car”.

Dark Knight Racer

Why the model CaDA C63003W has the name “Dark Knight”, I honestly can’t say. It doesn’t look much like a Batmobile to me. Hints, which real car was probably model here, are as always welcome.

The set consists of 2,088 individual parts. The exact dimensions of the finished model are not given, but the scale is 10:1. It will probably be a little over 50 cm long. The set is not motorized, but can be retrofitted with electric motors from the Power System Pack. Then you can control it remotely. In addition, there is then also lighting front and rear by LEDs.

Simple was yesterday

What is immediately noticeable and will not please everyone: The set has extremely many stickers. Not only the GTR and Dark Knight lettering, but also the pattern on the body is created by stickers. Without them, the car would probably look much plainer “in real life”.

All wheels have individual suspension and the front axle steering is also connected to the steering wheel in the driver’s cabin. There is no hand-of-god steering, however. Instead, a visible gear wheel behind the hood opens the vehicle’s gullwing doors.

With the large number of sports cars from CaDA and other brands, it is becoming increasingly difficult to decide on a set. Here, it certainly also depends on the individual purchase motivation. Are you a collector and want to own and display as many sets as possible? Are you a fan of a certain car brand or vehicle type and want to have exactly that one model? Or do you just want to relive childhood memories and simply build another model out of blocks?

We can’t say much about the construction and details of the vehicle yet. But we can say a lot about the quality of the parts at CaDA, which has always been top. Also the design of the packaging and the comprehensibility of the instructions usually leave nothing to be desired. So if you like this set, you can already order it from CaDA for about 96€.

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