CaDA T90 tank – set of building blocks with 1.722 single parts for $58.64

Hey, guys! Just a heads up: The linked offer is already a bit older and the price of the gadget might have changed or it might not be available anymore.

CaDA has been quite popular as an alternative in the field of building blocks for a while now – also with us. Besides the almost consistently good quality of the stones, there are also models that you would not find at other brands. Like this tank out of 1722 single parts.

Also something for the eye

One thing right at the beginning: The model looks simply great. When I discovered it by chance while scrolling through the shop offers, my eyes immediately caught on it. Just take a look at all the little details, the additional weapons and antennas on the turret, the complete armour around the vehicle, the tracks – visually I like everything here.

In addition, there are still a lot of functions, which makes this model absolutely suitable as a toy. So whether it’s an exhibit for the showcase or a toy for the children’s room – both should be possible here. And with the number of stones, you’re bound to spend a few hours alone with the construction.

Functions and optional motor

By “functions” I mean primarily moving elements through which vehicles can be changed and moved. Here the weapons can be tilted and the turret can be turned, furthermore the tank can be moved over the tracks. A look inside is also very nice: The turret can be removed relatively easily and gives a view into three separate chambers. On the picture below you can see this very well.

These chambers are also relevant for the perhaps most important function: the optional engine. Optional, because it is not included as standard but has to be purchased additionally. But then you can simply replace the decorative parts inside with the electronics. Experience shows that the instructions for this can be found on the last pages of the enclosed printed manual.

With a motor the tank can also be remote controlled. Besides driving forward and backward and the steering, this also includes turning the turret – very cool.

The many motifs and writings on the tank are probably stickers and not prints. Not everybody likes that, but it has always been like that at CaDA, so anything else here would surprise me.

One perhaps somewhat critical point should not be concealed here: The set contains the vehicle itself as well as three figures representing the crew. Which is fine in itself, but the figures are some of the bricks that are still trademarked. I don’t think this is a problem here, because the figures are clearly different from the yellow Danish males. Just look at the shape of the head or the appearance of the legs. In my opinion, confusion is almost impossible here and the whole thing is therefore no problem from a legal point of view. But I cannot give a guarantee for that.

Price and availability

Let us come to the price, with which everything stands and falls in the end. Here again – I already explained this at another place – there are different order options.The tank can be ordered in the original box for $107.09. The tank can be ordered in the original box for $107.09. A good price for the amount offered here, but it can also be ordered cheaper.Without the original box, the tank currently costs around $60, which is, if you look at the ratio of price to number of parts, one of the best prices I have ever seen for CaDA models. And here it also concerns a really cool model. The option without the box is also available with an engine, which makes it $20-30 more expensive.

Maybe you could tell, but I really like the CaDA T90 right away. I want to stress however also: I have not (yet) built the set up myself and can’t say anything about the quality. I’m basing this completely on my experiences with the brand, and so far they have been very good. If you want to know more about CaDA, you can read my articles about the919 sports car  or the bolt action rifle, or look for one of the other CaDA models here on China Gadgets.

What is your opinion about the CaDA T90 tank?

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