Candle Touch: The first smart candle with real fire in crowdfunding

Hey, guys! Just a heads up: The linked offer is already a bit older and the price of the gadget might have changed or it might not be available anymore.

The romantic evening with your boyfriend or girlfriend is already almost perfect, only the candles need to be lit. Stupid only if you don’t have any matches or lighters at home. The Candle Touch doesn’t even need that, it is the first smart candle with real fire!

Candle Touch at Kickstarter

Control via App

Like every smart home gadget, the Candle Touch can be controlled via an app on the smart phone. Just download the app, turn on the candle, select it in the app and you can control it. With the app you can control up to 10 of these candles on a smartphone. To prevent someone else from starting the candle, it can be password protected.

You can also set a timer to remind you to extuingish the candle. This can only be done manually by putting on the supplied lid.

What is special about the Candle Touch?

There are now several versions of smart lamps or LED candles that can be controlled via app. This is all really nothing special anymore. However, they all run on electricity and a light bulb, the Candle Touch is different. Here you really have a wick that is stuck in wax as you know it from a classic candle. As soon as you “start” the candle with the app, the wick is heated by a wire and finally ignites. The manufacturer advertises here that it is much safer than lighting it with a match or lighter like a conventional candle.

Simply ignite the fire via app

If the coconut wax candle has burnt down, or the wire is too far away from the wick to light it again, you can simply remove the top of the candle and put a new one on.

You also have the choice of 9 different smells for the candle. Whether lime & grapefruit or green tea & lemongrass, there is the right scent for almost every occasion or personal taste.

Do you even need such a smart candle?

For the rather high price of $49 a piece I personally would rather not buy one. But it simply offers too few functions. But it’s still a cool gadget and I think that we will see much more from this direction in the next years. If they are cheaper then, I could also imagine ordering a few of them for my apartment.

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