Canvas with world map for $13.36

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World maps are particularly well suited to indulge in memories of past journeys or to set oneself new destinations – for example with the scratch-off world map. This huge canvas with world map is especially nice – because it covers (almost) a whole wall. If there is something to hide or you simply want to have a nice wall covering, you will find it here.

Canvas with world map Dimensions

A map to the ceiling

Many stick wall stickers with the individual continents to the wall – and later only get them removed uncleanly. Fortunately you can simply hang the canvas, or alternatively you can hang it over these dirty places on the wall. With the dimensions of 79 x 59 inches, it does not cover the entire wall area, but if you place a cupboard, a sofa or a bed underneath, the map reaches loosely to the very top.

Canvas with world map
With the dimensions 79×59 in, most of the wall can be covered.

If you want the canvas to be a little smaller, you can simply choose a different size from Roségal. In terms of price, however, this is not worth it. Since the canvas is made of polyester, you can simply throw it into the washing machine if it gets dirty. The weight of 450 g plays a rather minor role, could only become noticeable when hanging up the canvas.

Canvas with world map Continents
The individual continents are all part of it (otherwise it would also be silly).

Personally I think the world map is very beautiful, especially travelers will enjoy it. If you are still looking for a good gift, you should not do anything wrong with the card for both sexes, nor does age really matter.

What do you think of that? The perfect decoration for your home?

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