Car air mattress for $29.99: Holiday without hotel

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Many of us go on holiday in summer. More and more people sit down in their cars and drive off. Your destination? Uncertain! Just relax and discover something new. But what do you do if no hotel nearby has rooms available at short notice? The car air mattress helps you to survive this night as comfortably as possible.

Car air mattress

The car air mattress overview

The car air mattress is practical, because with its dimensions of 135 x 82 x 50 cm (or with the Amazon offer 143 x 87 x 45 cm)the mattress fits into any station wagon driving on the road. The mattress weighs 2.5 kg and is made of Oxford, which is comparable to nylon mixed with polyamide fibres. This makes it more hard-wearing, which should make it easier to use the mattress.

The car air mattress comes with an air pump with a cigarette lighter cable. Also included are attachments for inflating and deflating the air. In the pocket for the mattress there is also a set for patching possible holes.

Air mattress car dimensions
The dimensions are suitable for every station wagon.

In order to inflate the car air mattress, you first have to inflate over the large hole. After most of the air is in the mattress, press the white cap on the hole so that not much air can escape.

Then change the top and pump the rest of the air through the white cap. The normal caps are simply inflated with air. If you don’t feel like pumping the mattress down again, you could also leave the mattress standing. After eight to ten hours the air leaves the mattress as if by magic!

Naturally not: The car air mattress empties itself after eight to ten hours on natural way. ?

Air mattress car inflate
Inflating should be as easy as riding a bicycle.

When the mattress is completely inflated, it is placed with its feet in the footwell and the back seat turns into a resting area for resting, sleeping or taking a break. The car air mattress is a good extra for a person who travels a lot to be more flexible in his actions. The mattress is also small and easy to stow after use.

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    # 27.05.19 um 15:12

    david bobb

    Had an air matress in my equinox. Wont do that again. VERY uncomfortable

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