Cardlax Bluetooth headphone washer for $39/33€ on Kickstarter

Hey, guys! Just a heads up: The linked offer is already a bit older and the price of the gadget might have changed or it might not be available anymore.

Sometimes you think you’ve seen it all. But the technology industry always proves that the next “innovation” is just around the corner. With the Bluetooth headphone washing machine, we’ve definitely found another interesting gadget candidate. Complete nonsense or must-have?

Cadlax Bluetooth headphone washing machine from above

From the outside, the headphone washing machine reminds us of portable tabletop washing machines or the rice stove from Xiaomi. It is a white box with a rounded corner that has a hinged lid at the top. Inside we find once the washing drum for the headphones, a small brush and a small removable pump bottle. To power the washer, there is a USB-C port on the back.

Cadlax Bluetooth headphone washing machine in action
You also have to get to the before state first

So how does the whole thing work? First, you plug the device into a power source and turn it on by briefly holding down the start button. Then the drum inside starts moving and the brush rotates as well. You should first give the headphones a quick cleaning on the small brush.

Then you stop the machine for a moment and take the pump bottle with the cleaning liquid, with which you spray the washing drum once. Now you can place the headphones in the drum and switch on the washing machine again. After 2 minutes you should be able to remove clean in-ear headphones from the washing machine. Magic! 🧙

After that, you should be able to simply rinse the washer drum and brush in the sink and then they’ll be ready for the next use. When it comes to the cleaning liquid, the specifications are a bit contradictory. Apparently the machine is supposed to come with a liquid that doesn’t contain alcohol, but for refilling they recommend a 70% alcohol solution?

In the end, you really only ask yourself, does the whole thing make sense and is the gadget worth it. Difficult to say, so far I’m doing quite well with just cleaning them by hand and can’t quite feel the need for a headphone washing machine. On the other hand, I find it quite fun and would love to try it out. Here then has to find the answer for itself whether the 39$ (~33€) is worth the fun.

Do you need a washing machine for your in-ear headphones?

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