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Many cat owners should not be strangers to this scenario. As soon as the litter box is cleaned, our party-happy fur noses use this as an occasion to celebrate. Unfortunately not without consequences. The result of the wild escalation is often a bathroom floor, which in the worst cases quickly resembles a pebble beach on the Mediterranean. The frustration about it often strikes directly on the otherwise so harmonious bond between animal and human being. In order to become the master of this controversial topic, a specially designed cat litter mat can be used to help and stop all debris. This gadget not only removes the stones proverbially!

Cat litter mat

The misery afterwards

An often furry fear of many pet owners is returning home after a long working day just to find the floor in chaos. The non-slip design of the cat litter mat and its long, rectangular shape enables it to keep the ejections of our pets at bay.

The mat also survives wild escapades, when the exit from the toilet has to be faster because suddenly an unknown noise has to be identified. The underlay is available in black and in sizes of 30 x 30, 40 x 50, 46 x 60 and for the very big culprits in a width-to-length ratio of 55 x 70 cm.

Cat litter mat sizes

From two to one

Due to the original construction according to a double-layer principle, the underlay can be cleaned and emptied easily and without great effort. This means comparatively less effort than having to fight your way into the last corners of the room with a dustpan and exposing your back to unnecessary strain. The vacuum cleaner will also be grateful if it does not have to be emptied every day and less fine particles settle in the filter.

The underside of the ingenious helper offers anti-slip protection through a rubber coating and the upper side a catching area for lost granulate. This is covered with a grid in which the residues are collected and fall through. In addition, the mat protects the floor from urine and other liquids due to its waterproof properties, which makes it easy to lay on wooden floors. This also opens new possibilities for the placement of the cat litter box and offers flexibility.

Cat litter mat design

The mat can be cleverly fixed to the lower part by Velcro fasteners attached to the edges. Just as easy as the attachment is the removal of the net, which allows access to the cat litter, which can now be easily and hygienically disposed of. To consider however applies that also the strongest velcro fastener at some point becomes victim of wear and loses its load-carrying capacity.

cat litter mat velcro fastener

So if you don’t want to play the hero anymore, which is absolutely not necessary in this context, you can consider a purchase. The investment can minimize friction points in the long run and even in the short term.

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